Yoru and Sova combination

Yoru and Sova ability combo is game-breakingly good 

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Yoru’s rework is making headlines for its outrageous viability. After the new update, Yoru has become powerful on its own and pairs well with other agents as well. 

After the new refix, the Japanese master of deception has quickly become the top pick of Valorant players. Riot Games has freshened up the sharp duelist to suit the current meta. The agent now releases a clone of himself as his Fakeout instead of flimsy footsteps. Patch 4.04 has turned Yoru into a must-pick duelist. 

However, his new clone feature may be a bit too overpowered. Not only can he deceive enemies with his clone, but Sova is also attaching his intel-dart to the model. This is insanely broken as it leaves no counter for the enemies. 

The new Yoru and Sova combination has spread among the players who are now spam-picking the duo in ranked queues. Together, both agents have become a menace for enemies who can’t possibly counter this atrocious tactic. Here’s why. 

Yoru clone and Sova dart combination is the new tech 

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Yoru’s clone is not just a reasonable bait, but it’s also a flash in disguise. Upon shooting, the model blooms into a blinding flash so enemies often avoid shooting it. However, not destroying the bait is the riskiest option when there’s an intel bolt attached to it. Wherever the fake runs, it exposes all enemies in its way. As a result, players can’t destroy or dodge it. 

This Yoru and Sova combination is highly game-breaking and effective. Enemies quickly destroy Sova’s dart when it attaches on sites to avoid revealing their position. However, this new tech forces them to hold fire.

Moreover, Sova doesn’t need to practice a hundred lineups to gather information anymore. If enemies destroy the drone, they get flashed. If they don’t, their positions will be revealed. This tactic is more useful on attacker sites to gain control. 

Will Riot nerf Yoru and Sova combination?

It’s unknown whether this is an intentional trick or a bug. It’s tough to say since Yoru’s clone is generally prone to in-game abilities. If it were a bug, the developer might have fixed it.

However, this Yoru and Sova combination is not a free exploit. A team must invest in two powers to gather information, a fair ask. So, it’s not precisely unjust.