Yone player disconnects from the game, still outplays opponent

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Outplaying the opponent can be done in many different ways, but one Yone player ended up outplaying the opponent unintentionally after disconnecting from a game. 

Seeing an enemy disconnect in a solo queue game usually means a free kill, but it wasn’t the case when a Yone player in solo queue happened to disconnect in the middle of a fight. Instead of giving away a free kill, the enemies ended up chasing the disconnected Yone a bit too far, which resulted in a collapse that paid off for both the Yone and his team.

When you outplay the enemy by disconnecting from r/leagueoflegends

As Yone disconnected, his champion instantly started to run back towards the fountain just as any character would usually do in that situation. For the first few seconds, his enemies were too busy taking down a Hecarim to bother with Yone, but they ultimately decided to switch onto Yone after the disconnection became clear. 

Sadly for the enemy Master Yi, Yuumi, and Renekton, the disconnected Yone wasn’t easy to catch and burst down. This resulted in tunnel vision for the three players, and they chased Yone too far into the jungle. This gave Yone’s teammates a chance to collapse on the three chasing players, resulting in three wild kills. 

Yone shows a very rare example of how enemies can be outplayed by a disconnected player, purely based on greed and the eagerness to secure a free kill. Needless to say, these opponents will likely think twice the next time they are chasing a disconnected enemy. 


Is Yone good in LoL?   

It takes some skill to play Yone at a high level, but when mastered, he is a solo queue monster. As of patch 11.5, Yone is performing the best of all champions in the mid lane at Platinum rank or higher. Yone is also picked in the top lane , but with a less successful win rate. To successfully play Yone top it’s usually necessary to have a good matchup. 

Is Yone a mid laner? 

Yone is an attack-damage assassin champion made for the mid lane. Even though he was originally designed as a mid laner, he has since appeared in other lanes as well. A champion like Yone will always be considered fir other roles around the map because of his skirmish power and his ability to carry games on his own once he’s properly fed. 


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