xQc tells fans on Twitch that he is done with gambling streams

Olivia Richman • June 4, 06:09

Despite initially lashing out against gambling critics, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has told fans that he’s done gambling for good. 

xQc and other big-name streamers received backlash when they decided to take up gambling on Twitch. But xQc was always supportive of the concept, fighting back against its detractors. He recently wrote that he “didn’t care” how people felt about his gambling streams. That’s what made it all the more surprising when xQc announced that he was leaving gambling behind immediately. 

In a recent June stream, xQc said he was “absolutely done with it” despite having more than 130,000 concurrent viewers watching him play casino betting games. He wasn’t just on the top of Twitch’s “slots” category, but was at the top of the platform’s overall viewing charts. 

“We’re not doing gambling. I’m done with it. I’m absolutely done with it,” xQc said. “I get addicted to things very, very easily. I noticed that my brain is kind of going crazy so I have to stop.” 

Streaming community reacts to xQc gambling on Twitch

Esports writer Ollie Ring had previously stated that xQc was “glamorizing” gambling by making it seem so fun and easy. YouTuber Charlie “Cr1tiKaL” White added that xQc’s impressionable and young viewers might be easily inspired to gamble after watching xQc engage in the practice. Some streamers have even called on Twitch to ban gambling straems completely for these and other reasons. 

Despite the criticism, xQc continued to stream his gambling escapades. He often reached over 100,000 live viewers. But now it seems that xQc is feeling similarly to those who have been complaining about gambling on Twitch. xQc’s fans are still asking for him to resume gambling, but so far, the controversial streamer has stayed away from the slot machines.


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