xQc isn’t gaming on Twitch any time soon, criticizes viewers

Olivia Richman • January 22, 2022 4:50 pm

It isn’t only Twitch that has a problem with the new MasterChef meta. Some viewers have called out Felix “xQc” Lengyel for continuing to react to television shows instead of gaming.

xQc is one of the biggest names on Twitch, rising to fame due to his FPS skills and controversial behavior. Before Twitch, xQc was an Overwatch League pro. Since then, he has cycled through different games throughout his full-time streaming career, becoming big in the world of GTA RP (for all the wrong reasons).

It seems that xQc has been enjoying the new MasterChef meta over the past few months, even having banter with Gordon Ramsay on Twitter. Even after other big-name influencers got in trouble for showing entire seasons of popular television shows, xQc continued to keep watching TV on stream. But it seems some fans may be sick of this style content.

xQc calls out viewers complaining about his lack of gaming

While watching Shark Tank during a recent live broadcast, one viewer mocked xQc for his continued reliance on streaming television shows. The person accused xQc of watching TV shows for “hours and hours,” saying it doesn’t take any effort.

“Bring me back to 2019 where people actually played games,” the viewer wrote.

This comment didn’t sit right with xQc, who decided to call them out during his broadcast.

“If you want to go back to 2019, you can just click on another stream and watch someone who is playing games. You’re here instead though,” xQc taunted.

The former Overwatch pro then said that all of the video games right now are “dogsh-t,” which is why he won’t play them and why some people may be bored of watching them. xQc said there are no games to watch.

“Maybe you’re the problem,” xQc concluded.

After the short rant, xQc went back to watching Shark Tank. With tens of thousands of viewers tuning in, it appears that most of xQc’s fans are enjoying the new content, despite some complaints. Watching MasterChef on stream have given xQc some of his highest viewership numbers to date.

xQc won’t stop watching TV on Twitch any time soon. He claims he is in talks with some networks, but hasn’t shared any specific details about these plans. He also has told fans he plans to watch some anime in the near future, which means fans shouldn’t expect to see xQc gaming any time soon.


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