xQc is very angry with Call of Duty: Warzone stream snipers

By Olivia Richman


Jul 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Call of Duty: Warzone community is already upset about hackers and cheaters. Now, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has run into another problem: stream sniping. 

During a recent Twitch broadcast, xQc decided to play some Warzone, but he ended up giving up on the game early due to stream sniping. It’s no surprise that one of the largest streamers in the world runs into issues like stream sniping and swatting, but that doesn’t make these situations any easier or more tolerable for him. 

After playing a few games on July 25, xQc noticed that his Warzone games were jammed full of stream snipers. It was clear that players were watching his stream and then using inside information to troll him. Most were jumping on his head or punching him, seeming to be fully aware of xQc’s moves. And there was only so much xQc could take before breaking down. 

“I’m just done. If you’re going to be like that… You’re such a fucking cucklord. What can I do against that?” xQc exclaimed after getting eliminated with a punch. 

xQc then called Warzone “sniper express,” lamenting about how “unfun” his experience had been. xQc said that it’s impossible to fight off this many snipers, noting that there were at least eight in his most recent games. The former Overwatch League pro and popular Twitch gambler seemed to be having a meltdown, even bonking himself on the head while he mocked viewers who questioned if the other players truly were stream snipers. 

“What do you mean ‘I make so many excuses?’ I drop in the middle of nowhere and I get eight players on me. What are you on about you fuckwad? Of course it’s sniping,” xQc exclaimed. 

xQc explains future Twitch stream plans to combat stream sniping

Despite xQc’s frustrations, it’s clear that no amount of anger or discussion will stop stream snipers from continuing. xQc told viewers he was going to put a delay on his stream. He also explained that he would do a “camera chromatic change” as well as muting the mic, the audio, and the game. xQc then said he would go so far as to remove the game and end the stream. 

“Then I’ll start it again when I’m inside the game and halfway done,” xQc said. 

While xQc was most likely exaggerating his more extreme plans to thwart future stream sniping, he did say that he was going to contact Blizzard to get stream snipers banned whenever he encounters them in Warzone games in the future.

What is stream sniping? 

Stream sniping is when someone watches a live broadcast of a game, usually streamed on Twitch, and then uses information gained from that stream to troll the streamer. Since they can watch what the person is doing or see where they are located, it’s easier for opponents to stay one step ahead of the streamer, even if they’re a talented player. 

According to Twitch’s Terms of Service, stream sniping is not allowed. It’s “prohibited,” meaning streamers caught stream sniping in any game can get suspended.