xQc compliments Kick’s streamer contract strategy

By Olivia Richman


Mar 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Kick is looking more and more appealing to Felix “xQc” Lengyel.

Twitch’s biggest streamer, xQc, has been closely monitoring what’s been going on at rival Kick. The streaming platform is known for its loose regulations and generous 95/5 revenue split. The controversial competitor has been poaching some big names, including Adin Ross and Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, who have flocked to Kick to gamble and escape Twitch’s strict policies.

xQc recently made some comments on Kick after they also signed chess master Hikaru Nakamura.

xQc reacts to Hikaru Nakamura signing with Kick

Nakamura has been growing as a content creator due to his advocacy when it comes to popular streamers playing chess. His passion for growing the once-small chess community has inspired many other streamers, including xQc.

Recently, Nakamura signed a non-exclusive deal with Kick that allows him to continue streaming on Twitch. This definitely resonated with xQc.

“People think that it’s bad that these guys are signing dual contracts. Guys, I said this years ago that this is the right way to do it,” xQc said. “I said this even when Mixer was a thing. One, it’s cheaper, and two, it creates an actual transfer. It creates an actual transfer that is gradual.”

A lot of Twitch rivals, including YouTube, have streamers sign an exclusive contract that doesn’t allow them to stream anywhere else. While the streamers themselves are given a good chunk of change for doing so, xQc isn’t convinced that these deals are all that lucrative for the streaming platforms in the long run.

By allowing them to continue interacting with their fans on Twitch, streamers can slowly start to build up their presence on Kick. It’s a gradual shift instead of a jarring switch like streamers have done in the past.

But it’s still unclear just how successful Kick will be. The platform was launched late last year and it’s still putting on the final touches.