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xQc calls out Twitch followers for ruining GTA RP experience

By Olivia Richman


Sep 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is apparently fed up with GTA RP.

Thanks to his antics in the No Pixel 3.0 roleplaying server, xQc had quickly become one of the most popular GTA RP streamers on Twitch. xQc was banned six separate times from the server for his antics, including harassing other streamers and making a scene while in court.

Despite the GTA RP craze dying off across most of Twitch, xQc still dedicates streams to the roleplaying game once in a while. But during a recent GTA RP stream, xQc decided to say how he really felt about GTA RP to his viewers.

xQc rants about GTA RP in Twitch stream

On September 22, xQc was deep into a GTA RP stream on No Pixel. But his fans kept telling him he was doing the wrong mission. Fans on Twitch continued to spam chat with requests for him to do another mission instead.

In response, xQc went on a huge rant about his disdain for GTA RP.

“I’m not doing that!” xQc yelled. “I’m trying to get this brain dead character inside a pixelated dog shit to get pixelated money in a game nobody gives a f— about with all these people who pretend to be someone else because their lives are so miserable, for all these other people who are even more miserable.”

Unlike most roleplay fans, xQc has a dedicated group of viewers who follow his every move in the game. This has led xQc to feel pressured throughout his time playing in GTA RP, leading to many of his more disruptive in-game antics. Whenever xQc would do something his fans didn’t like, he admitted that his chat would turn into “hatred.”

But it seems that xQc has had enough of fans dictating his roleplaying choices.

“This is the most miserable dogs— game,” xQc said.

It’s possible that fans won’t see much more of Jean Paul after xQc’s latest negative experience playing GTA RP. Between his fans pressuring him to perform certain actions and No Pixel changing some of its policing policies, it looks like xQc may be turning to other games more often.