xQc blasts ‘unfair’ Among Us Game Awards win over CoD Warzone

By Olivia Richman


Dec 13, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The year 2020 has been a bit different when it comes to video games. Instead of AAA competitive titles, many streamers and gamers have been hooked on fun, light-hearted multiplayer games like Among Us and Fall Guys. It’s been seen as an entertaining way to play with friends while choosing to social distance. 

But Felix “xQc” Lengyel isn’t having it. The controversial Twitch streamer was upset about Among Us winning Best Multiplayer Game at The 2020 Game Awards earlier this week. InnerSloth’s fun mobile game took the coveted title instead of Valorant, Fall Guys, Animal Crossing, and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

xQc and other members of the gaming community immediately objected to this victory. Many gamers felt that it was strange to give a game released in 2018 that title two years later. Others felt it wasn’t popular for long enough to earn the title and was simply a fad. xQc complained that the game wasn’t even playable. 

According to the variety streamer, Among Us wasn’t playable for “three months straight” due to lag. Other streamers experienced crashing lobbies and overcrowded servers. Because of this, xQc felt that other titles were more deserving of the award, including Warzone. 

“VR games and Warzone make elaborate, insane, network infrastructures that are hard to maintain and keep up for the players. And they do it with meticulous detail,” xQc ranted. “They pop off. One hundred player lobbies, always doing well, never lagging. Fuck these guys, man. So unfair dude. It shouldn’t be this way.”

xQc has played Among Us in the past, although he hasn’t bothered with the game for the past few months. Among Us has died down in popularity in general, while Call of Duty: Warzone has continued to thrive. The player base has reached 75 million since it was released in March. 

xQc salty about the Game Awards 2020

This wasn’t the first time xQc ranted about the Game Awards. After not being nominated for the Content Creator of the Year award, xQc took to Twitch to make fun of the entire sentiment of crowning a streamer to begin with. 

xQc then used the Game Awards to note that streamers aren’t as supportive of each other as they pretend to be on social media. He alluded to the streaming community being fake, stating that he’s been “avoided like a leper” for being honest about the real attitudes of streamers who pretend to be nice online. 

“Everybody acts as if you’re a fucking leper, but they think the exact thing you think, and it’s fucking stupid,” xQc said.

What game is 2020 Game of the Year?

Last of Us Part II was named Game of the Year. It also won Best Direction, Best Narrative, Best Action/Adventure Game, Innovation in Accessibility, and Best Audio Design. Best Performance also went to voice actress Laura Bailey for her work as Abby. 


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