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xQc blames “pressure to perform” for his ban from NoPixel RP

By Olivia Richman


May 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Trolling? No. Toxic behavior? Not necessarily. Bad intentions? He doesn’t think so. Felix “xQc” Lengyel has just revealed the real reason behind his permanent ban from the large NoPixel RP GTA server: Being famous. 

Before being permabanned from NoPixel, xQc received four temporary bans in the role-playing server due to his attitude both inside and outside the game. xQc always disregarded the police and the legal processes in the server, seeming to just go above NoPixel’s dynamic to do his own thing. Outside of the game, he often got into drama with other streamers, usually the ones roleplaying cops, which led to his followers harassing the other streamers. xQc has even encouraged his 5.7 million fans to attack other streamers. 

In a recent stream, xQc claimed that all of his toxic behavior was due to the pressure he feels. 

“Every time I read chat, and I was doing something they didn’t like, it was just hatred, hatred, hatred. It just doesn’t stop,” xQc said. “I don’t find chat bad, but when I was interacting with other players the pressure would just be so huge.” 

xQc went on to say that the game became “unbearable” and he “literally couldn’t breathe” as the tension escalated. 

xQc said Twitch pressure led to ban from NoPixel

While xQc felt pressure from his own Twitch fans to misbehave and act out, the former Overwatch League pro said he also felt a lot of pressure within the game itself while on the NoPixel server. A lot of other players on the server would only interact with him to get clout or become a part of certain popular storylines. 

“Some people do try to maximize what they got out of interactions. It’s kind of really fucking annoying, to be honest. You wish you wouldn’t have that, on a roleplay server. But can you really blame people, dude?” xQc said. 

Despite his many excuses and reasons, xQc admitted that he should have been booted from NoPixel a long time ago. After the permanent ban, xQc reflected on his behavior and stated that he “needs to do better.” 

xQc said he’s not mad about being banned from the popular server because he felt that the ban was deserved. He explained that he had dabbled in “out-of-character malding” and other things that roleplaying servers don’t allow. But even though xQc has graciously accepted the permanent ban, he admitted that he will miss the server. 

“I fucking love roleplaying. But it is what it is. And let’s fucking move on. Things happen, I guess,” xQc concluded.