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XDefiant developer finally reveals the reason behind game issues

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 5, 2024

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XDefiant went through multiple delays before finally being released in May. But it’s far from a perfect game and XDefiant developer has finally explained why.

On June 6, XDefiant Season 1 finally rolled in after rumors of another delay. But the game stayed buggy despite the big update. From stuttering to ability disbalances, players had plenty of complaints and they made sure they were all heard.

On X, XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin had been responding to all new issues and bugs when he stumbled across a post that said the game feels like it had been “rushed out.”

Responding to the post, the developer explained why XDefiant is more challenging to balance and develop than other Ubisoft titles.

Why does XDefiant feel so buggy?

XDefiant feels buggy after each patch update. Although the problems are usually resolved promptly, it is frustrating for players to encounter these issues so frequently. According to the developer, the problem is with the game engine.

Taking to X, Mark Rubin explained that while XDefiant’s engine is working perfectly fine, it wasn’t meant for a first-person shooter game. Instead, the engine was used to provide a base for MMO titles. Consequently, several features and mechanics need to be built from scratch, which may occasionally lead to issues for players in the game.

XDefiant release date

Comparing XDefiant with rival games like Apex Legends and COD, Mark explained that those games have existed on shooter engines for years, whereas XDefiant is still new.

“We’re not a shooter that’s been out for 20 years. If you like what we are trying to do stick around and you’ll see things improve and new features get added. But if the game isn’t for you, that’s ok you can move on,” he said.

While some fans find his explanation convincing, others still have doubts. According to the players, the game had already been postponed several times to address any issues, so it seems illogical for these bugs to still affect the game now that it has been released to the public.

However, beta testers of XDefiant assert that the game has shown substantial improvement and is expected to get even better in the future.


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