WWE superstar Cesaro climbs League of Legends’ ranked ladder

By Olivia Richman


Jan 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

WWE pro wrestler Cesaro is looking to put the hurt on League of Legends players, but not in the ring. In Summoner’s Rift. 

Cesaro recently climbed up to Silver 3 in ranked League of Legends, something he proudly announced on Twitter last week. 

#TheClimb2020 started out quite well. Let’s hope I can keep the momentum,” Cesaro tweeted. 

Cesaro went on to note that former Echo Fox owner Rick Fox was his inspiration for grinding in League of Legends. Before getting heavily involved in the esports industry, Fox had played for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

Even after Echo Fox met its controversial end, Fox continued to play League of Legends. He recently held a 24-hour charity stream for the Bahamas Relief Fund. 

“Through all of the stress of the last year,” Fox said in an interview with YouTuber Travis Gafford, “I dove into the game at night to relax and I’d never [played] that way. I used to do it to understand how we could be strategically better at Echo Fox. But in this way I just wanted to get away and play the game and I just started to have fun. I started to really enjoy the climb.”

Like Fox, Cesaro is an athlete with a passion for League of Legend’s competitive side. The grind to Silver 3 is an improvement over his Silver 4 finish at the end of Season 9. According to Cesaro’s OP.gg page, he has a lifetime win ratio of 47%. Cesaro likes to play top lane, and he seemed focused on Sion in the preseason. 

WWE’s Cesaro has a history with League of Legends

Cesaro was one of a few WWE stars to appear on broadcasts of the LPL playoffs in China, joining John Cena and Xavier Woods. Cesaro also attended the LCS playoffs in August 2019, even spending some time behind the analyst desk. 

Cesaro is billed as 6’5″, 232 pounds by the WWE. He is a six-time WWE tag team champion and former United States champion that currently performs on SmackDown Live.  Before joining WWE he was a two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion along with his partner Chris Hero, currently known as Kassius Ohno.

He’s long been someone to avoid in the ring. Now, you might want to avoid him on the Rift, too.