Wunder stokes rumor that he and Rekkles will leave G2 Esports

By Nicholas James


Oct 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Martin “Wunder” Hansen continues to add credibility to rumors that he’ll be stepping away from G2 Esports.

With the organization’s disappointing playoffs run and failure to qualify for Worlds 2021, change was imminent. Among the predicted changes was Wunder leaving G2 after a subpar season. From account names to Twitter memes, Wunder has been using banter to suggest that he is indeed heading to the door.

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Wunder first took to Twitter to address his situation in September with a tweet referencing his love for World of Warcraft. Wunder’s well known for playing WoW just as much as solo queue, and sometimes even more. With server administrators being referred to as “GMs” in the game, he seemingly courted other organizations’ general managers on Twitter.

More recently, he’s referencing Squid Game, a hit Korean horror series that has blown up in the last week. With some DIY photo editing, he’s superimposed the faces of G2 owner Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez and teammates onto characters from the show. This adds to rumors that G2 players Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Rasmus “Caps” Winther want the famous EU marksman off the roster.

Wunder’s even taken to renaming his solo queue account “unemployedtop” as if there were any subtlety about the status of his contract moving towards next year. It appears to be an open secret in the LEC scene, as Marc “Caedrel” Lamont spoke on the situation on his Twitch stream.


Is Wunder leaving G2?

At the moment, all signs point to Wunder leaving G2 Esports.

In the same vein of Caedrel’s comments, Wunder certainly doesn’t seem to be worried about commenting on his situation. As a result, one can take his comments on Rekkles’ fate at face value. If all plays out as expected, Wunder will be leaving G2 Esports this off-season. Rekkles will also likely jump ship as well. It promises to be a wild offseason after Worlds conclude, heading into 2022.


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