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Will xQc work with Gordon Ramsey after #NextLevelChef trends?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Could celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay soon appear on Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s stream?

xQc is one of the popular streamers to start streaming MasterChef and other similar reality shows. While this has received criticism from other streamers who want xQc to receive a DMCA strike, the “MasterChef meta” on Twitch has continued to prove successful, gaining massive viewership.

The MasterChef streams have become so popular, in fact, that Gordon Ramsay himself has taken notice.

xQc and Ramsay talk Twitch streams on Twitter

xQc has been one of the most prominent cooking show meta streamers in recent weeks. He has been broadcasting himself watching Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef, binging entire seasons each day. This has led to some of his highest viewership of all time.

Meanwhile, Ramsay has expressed his disinterest in Twitch during his own reality shows. His cluelessness became a meme online with a clip being shared on Twitter and elsewhere across social media. A six-second interaction regarding Twitch now has 54,000 views, with the original poster joking that people most likely watched Ramsay say this while the show was streaming on Twitch itself.

Ramsay took notice of the joke after more and more people started tweeting that Ramsay didn’t know what Twitch was despite his show being all over the streaming platform. Ramsay decided to respond to the jokes, tagging Twitch and asking for a lesson.

xQc was quick to jump into the conversation. He replied to Ramsay, telling him he would give him a “free rundown,” helping Ramsay become “America’s next master streamer.” xQc even told Ramsay to call him on his cell. It’s not clear if the two have each other’s numbers or have gotten in contact since, but Ramsey did respond on Twitter.

While xQc’s fans joked that his tweet was a bit “cringe,” it clearly got Ramsay’s attention. The potential mash-up between xQc and Ramsay has become the talk of Twitter, with #NextLevelChef trending on the social media platform. Ramsay also changed his Twitter bio to reflect that he doesn’t know what Twitch is. With the entire internet embracing the idea of Ramsay joining xQc’s stream, it’s now just a waiting game to see if xQc can truly make it happen.

Former MasterChef contestants have agreed to appear on xQc’s stream already, but getting Ramsay would be an even bigger accomplishment for the Twitch star.