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Will Valorant have attacker and defender skins? Riot responds

By Fariha Bhatti


May 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Alternating skins in Valorant is a frequently requested feature, and developers have finally come clean. Will Valorant have attacker and defender skins anytime soon? 

Valorant players love to showcase all their bundles within a single game. Unfortunately, switching skins during a live match isn’t an operating feature as of now. Players have to pick one cosmetic for each gun and stick with it throughout the game. But, Valorant skins are pricey, and buyers want to get their full money’s worth by flexing them frequently. 

For all these reasons, players have been requesting a feature that’d let them pick one skin for each side, much like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This way, they can showcase at least two skins per game for all weapons. Riot Games has taken notice and responded in the latest Ask Valorant segment. 

Will Valorant have attacker and defender side skins?

The developer is exploring the feasibility of this idea, as it may be a bit tricky to implement. However, the unique feature to get the most out of the Valorant cosmetic collection is still on the table. 

In the latest Ask Valorant episode, the developer commented on the request for an alternating feature for the current inventory. According to art lead Sean Marino and lead cosmetic producer Preeti Khanolkar, the idea is in the test table to ensure that it doesn’t clash with game systems and other similar programs. 

“There are no commitments to share today, and here is why. The team needs to first understand/test the limits of performance and memory so that you don’t see any negative impacts in and out of the game,” they said. 

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But, players should still keep their fingers crossed. The developer may be planning a similar feature in the background that would let players utilize their skins to the fullest. According to the developer, there are already other concepts in progress that may compete with this idea in some way. So, it’s evident that Riot Games is already working on the current Valorant inventory and how players use it in the game. 

Releasing an exact copy of CSGO’s inventory management may stir a debate in the community. So, the developer may introduce a new feature equivalent to the attacker/defender side skins. What matters is that players will get to enjoy all their skins in a potentially new feature. But, no timeline has been set for this mysterious concept.