Will the best Sims expansion packs return for The Sims 5?

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Expansion packs will almost certainly return for The Sims 5 alongside other DLC, but will Maxis bring back the series’ greatest hits?

Now that The Sims 5 is likely in development over at Electronic Arts, fans are already wondering what kind of content to expect. From built-in multiplayer to open-world neighborhoods, players are hungry to learn more about the upcoming life simulator. Expansion packs have been a staple of The Sims series since the very first game, serving as the game’s DLC, and they’re basically guaranteed for The Sims 5.

The Sims games often look to the past for deciding which content to add. Here are three awesome expansion packs throughout the series that should return in The Sims 5.

Will Nightlife expansion pack return for The Sims 5?

The Nightlife expansion introduced a ton of new content to The Sims 2 and every game since has had nightclub-themed content. The Sims 3’s third expansion Late Night brought a luxurious twist on the same theme. The Sims 4 even made nightclubs a standard feature right out of the box. 

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The Nightlife expansions, or something similar to it, is almost guaranteed if The Sims 5 doesn’t have nighclubs as a base feature. Maxis has learned that players love seeing their sims interact and dance with new people. If the open world rumors are true, nightclubs act could act as a perfect meeting point for sims from all over the city. Of the potential Sims 5 expansion packs on this list, Nightlife is the most likely.

A university pack could appear again as DLC in The Sims 5

Going to college is an important time in many peoples’ lives, so it makes sense that they want their sims to experience it too. The Sims 2 University expansion pack introduced the concept while The Sims 3 and 4 expanded even further. In the most recent Sims 4 version, sims can earn 13 different degrees across three campuses with a ton of unique interactions and objects.

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The University expansion pack is practically guaranteed at some point during The Sims 5 post-launch support. Every game aside from The Sims 1 has had it, and it’s become a core part of the Sims experience. University is so popular that it stands a decent chance of being integrated as a base feature. If not, expect to see it early in the DLC cycle.

Will Vampires return in The Sims 5?

Becoming a vampire has always been one of the most exotic paths in The Sims. The tradition actually started with the Nightlife expansion for The Sims 2 and every game after it has kept the undead dream alive. Each time, vampires were added as DLC so will that be the case with The Sims 5?

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Vampires are a fan-favorite feature, so it’s highly likely to return for The Sims 5 after launch. There’s also a small chance that it will become a base feature. Vampirism in The Sims has always been added through expansion packs, so it will likely be the same for The Sims 5.


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