Will Smith, Morty, J Balvin, and more are coming to Fortnite

Kenneth Williams • August 18, 15:11

A crazy batch of upcoming Fortnite cosmetics has been leaked by data miners.

Upcoming collaborations for Fortnite have been spoiled by renowned leakers HYPEX and Officer. The pair uncovered several new collaborations that have yet to be formally announced. There’s a ton of cool stuff coming soon for Fortnite, so let’s start with the most surprising new addition.

Will Smith x Fortnite collaboration leaked

The wildest upcoming inclusion is a new Fortnite character skin based on actor Will Smith. The four-time Grammy winner will sport a more realistic look than other recent celebrity additions.

The skin seems to give several nods towards Will Smith’s film career without being based on any film in particular. The black glasses appear to be taken from Men in Black while the short-sleeved ribbed sweater seems inspired by Bad Boys. The Smith family is very famous but there are no signs of a Jayden or Willow Smith skin for Fortnite.

Morty Fortnite skin leaked

This upcoming collaboration has a super cool visual twist. The Fortnite Morty skin has a slick cel-shaded filter that looks very similar to the show. The black outline will adapt to keep the effect consistent at every angle.

The skin will ship with a custom emote of Morty performing the iconic dance from Get Schwifty. The emote can be performed in groups so players with the Rick Sanchez Fortnite skin can team up to reenact the scene.

J Balvin x Fortnite leaked

The final collaboration revealed by the leakers is with Colombian singer J Balvin. The prince of reggaeton is extremely popular in South and Central America.

J Balvin is currently most famous for the song “Mi Gente,” which has nearly three billion views on YouTube. After the success of the Travis Scott and Ariana Grande collaborations, Epic Games may be targeting more musicians for future Fortnite collaborations.


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