A leaked Pantheon cinematic may show League’s new void jungler

By Nicholas James


Jan 3, 2022

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A new Season 12 Pantheon cinematic has been leaked by Riot Games’ Youtube channel. The cinematic will be the Season 12 ranked cinematic, similar to previous years’ “The Climb,” “Ruination” and “Awaken” cinematics that preclude the new season’s beginning. The cinematic will release at 7 PST on January 7th. These annual cinematics generally depict champions from certain regions doing battle with various enemies.

Pantheon cinematic thumbnail leaked

The thumbnail depicts Atreus, the chosen of Pantheon, the Aspect of War. In the lore, the celestial being of war named Pantheon possessed the mortal man Atreus before being killed by the Darkin Aatrox. Atreus lives through the wound that kills Pantheon and now wields the celestial power of Pantheon as he fights to defend the mortals of Runeterra.

Riot has teased the cinematic in tweets, perhaps depicting champions who will appear in the cinematic. Ornn is the first and only champion teased so far, but given his recent mention in a story about Sejuani, Riot may be putting the god of the forge on the big screen.

Will the Pantheon cinematic show new void jungler?

The void has been taking up a lot of focus in recent short stories on the League of Legends universe site, with separate stories for Malzahar and another hinting at a Void invasion of Shurima. The focus on Pantheon for the cinematic’s thumbnail may be yet another clue at the upcoming Void jungler teased in Riot’s 2021 Champion Roadmap.


Pantheon’s, or Atreus,’ lore has been setting him up to protect Runeterra from a dark force coming to destroy the world. This has been theorized to be the Void’s return to Runeterra, which would match up with the sudden focus on the Void. It’s possible that Riot will use the cinematic to depict Atreus doing battle with the new Void jungler, or another creature from the nightmarish realm beyond. This may also be a play on the phrase “the call of the void.”

The new jungler is confirmed to be a “she” and creation of the void that feeds off of experience, memories, and the essence of mortal life. It will be the third new champion released this year.


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