Will ANDROID help NRG Esports reach Valorant Masters events?

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As the Valorant Champions Tour events roll on, teams like NRG Esports are slowly losing out on the chance to make it to the first major Valorant Champions Tour event. There is still one more chance left for NRG to make it and they have an improved roster to push towards that goal. With Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor joining NRG’s ranks, the team may have enough firepower to qualify for a Masters-level tournament.

ANDROID could be NRG’s ticket to Valorant Masters tournaments

The 26 year-old Canadian will be bringing a strong fragging presence and veteran savvy to NRG Esports’ relatively young roster. In terms of his fragging ability, ANDROID was the main carry of AndBox and was a big reason why the team shot up the North American rankings.

As the team’s main duelist, he would consistently end matches at the top of the scoreboard and was known for creating a lot of space for his teammates with agents like Raze and Phoenix. While his agent pool is a tad limited, ANDROID has only played Reyna, Raze, and Phoenix in competitive matches, he has had little reason to expand to other agents because of his performances on his main three.

In terms of his veteran presence, the Canadian is no stranger to professional FPS titles and competed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a few years, most notably spending two years with Complexity Gaming and a year with Team Envy before switching to Valorant. This is in sharp contrast to some of the other players on NRG, like Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic and Ryan “shanks” Ngo, who are fairly new to the top-level esports scene.

Reports have been circulating of NRG placing Gage “Infinite” Green on the bench in favor of ANDROID, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. This move does make sense as Infinite was often the team’s weakest link and has been relegated to the role of Omen or Brimstone for the team.

ANDROID will also be keeping his duelist role on his new squad, continuing his dominant run with Phoenix as Sam “s0m” Oh will be switching to Omen and Brimstone duty.

With ANDROID on the team, NRG may be able to clear the hurdle and move onto Valorant Masters or even Champions events. The team has been in search of the final piece to its roster and fans won’t have to wait for long to find out whether ANDROID was the right choice. The Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 3 qualifiers for North America kick off on February 25.


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