WildTurtle, Neo, and Lost all scored pentakill in week 5 of LCS

Christian Vejvad • March 8, 2021 8:33 pm

Pentakills were on the menu during the 2021 LCS Spring Season week 5, with a total of three pentakills over the course of three days. 

It’s usually possible to find many entertaining matches in the LCS each week, but week 5 was something else as the bot laners went on a pentakill streak over the course of the weekend. Fans are usually happy to see just one pentakill, but a total of three is something that rarely happens and makes the games a bit more interesting to follow. All three pentakills showcased why the bot-lane position is currently in a strong spot with a lot of carry potential. 

WildTurtle gets second pentakill in 2021 LCS 

The week of pentakills started out with CLG’s Jason “WildTurtle” Tran getting his second pentakill of the split. WildTurtle was put on Kalista duty against Immortals. Kalista is a champion that is starting to crawl back into the meta. For WildTurtle, it was also his chance to turn CLG’s bad split around and start getting some wins on the board for his team.

CLG did end up with a win, but it wasn’t because of the pentakill. CLG played a great game overall by outplaying Immortals on a macro level. After just 25 minutes, CLG could push down Immortal’s base where the final fight happened. For this fight, WildTurtle was able to free fire on the Immortals members, stacking up spears and securing one kill after the other. 

With just a single kill remaining, CLG chose to go all-in on Immortal bot laner Quin “Raes” Korebrits to complete the penta. Luckily for CLG, Raes didn’t mind sacrificing himself a bit to provide WildTurtle with his second pentakill of the split. 

Lost and Neo secure their first LCS pentakills

With WildTurtle starting the pentakill show, Dignitas bot laner Toàn “Neo” Trần and TSM Lawrence “Lost” Hui followed it up perfectly. For both players, this was their first LCS pentakill, and both of their plays were highlight-worthy. 

Neo was the first player to get a pentakill in Dignitas’ win over Golden Guardians. Dignitas as a whole has been a pleasant surprise this split and is currently tied for second in the standings with a 10-5 record. Neo has been a big part of these wins, after finally getting a shot in the LCS after playing for Dignitas Academy the last split. 

Neo has shown great mechanics and consistent performances on such champions as Kalista, Senna, and Kai’Sa. For his pentakill, Neo was playing Kai’Sa, and he didn’t show Golden Guardians any mercy. The pentakill was the final nail in the coffin and secured Dignitas the win. 

On the last day of the week, it was TSM bot laner Lost’s time to shine. Just like Neo, Lost was playing Kai’Sa, and it was against the LCS’ top team Cloud9. Lost and TSM started out the game horribly early on, but slowly crawled back into the game as the late game approached. 

Lost has previously shown great team fighting skills on Kai’Sa and this game was another example. The fight happened after 34 minutes in the top lane, where Lost got plenty of room to fire away on Kai’Sa. Cloud9 was already behind in that stage of the game, so having Lost free fire on C9 spelled doom. In a span of just a few seconds, Lost got the first four kills and then managed to snipe Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme to secure the pentakill.  

What is a pentakill? 

A pentakill in League of Legends is when a single player kills all five players on the enemy team in a short span of time. The time available to get a pentakill will depend on the stage of the game, but killing all five enemies in the same fight will usually result in a pentakill.  


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