Wildcat Gun Machine’s release date, genre, platforms, and more

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Wildcat Gun Machine combines fast-paced shooting action with epic monster designs to create a very special kind of bullet hell.

Wildcat Gun Machine is an upcoming isometric shooter from Chunkybox Games. The single-player bullet hell combines fast-paced action with demonic enemy design and light RPG elements. Wildcat Gun Machine was first announced in March 2022 to be published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Wildcat Gun Machine release date

The release date for Wildcat Gun Machine is set for May 4, 2022. Exact times of day have not been revealed, and any listed times could change between regions. The game is currently on sale for 15% off on Steam. Once the game officially releases, it will cost $14.99 across all major platforms. 

What kind of game is Wildcat Gun Machine?

Wildcat Gun Machine is best described as a linear bullet hell game based around weapon variety. The game is not a roguelike, nor is it heavy on story. The core gameplay loop revolves around taking out rooms full of monsters and fighting wild bosses. Along the way, the character becomes more powerful by collecting new guns and upgrades.

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A standard level in Wildcat Gun Machine consists of dodging enemy attacks while returning fire with one of more than 40 different guns. Floors are littered with traps that can either be avoided or used to the player’s advantage. Each series of levels ends with a boss fight. Along the way, characters collect upgrades like a quick dash or a set of rechargeable grenades to help them on their journey.

What platforms will Wildcat Gun Machine release on?

Wildcat Gun Machine is available on many platforms including the following.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Steam
  • Xbox One and Series

The game’s launch price will be $14.99, but the Steam version is currently on sale for 15% off. The developer has not revealed any downloadable content plans for the game. Considering that this is Chunkybox Games’ first ever release, the smaller studio could focus on other projects or stick around to further develop its debut title. But no DLC plans have been made public as of yet.

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Wildcat Gun Machine is not related to acclaimed game Hades in any way aside from sharing a similar art style and gameplay loop. It is the debut title of Chunkybox Games, a new independent development studio based in Brisbane, Australia. The similar art styles and isometric views makes the two games look similar at first glance, but Hades and Wildcat Gun Machine have no real relation.

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Isometric shooters are a fairly diverse genre, and Wildcat Gun Machine appears to put its own spin on it with a massive weapon pool and an emphasis on boss battles. Between mixing combat floors and big fights, granting defensive tools like speedy dashes, and emphasizing ranged combat, Wildcat Gun Machine is perhaps more similar to an isometric Cuphead than it is to ARPG Hades.


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