Wild weekend of playoffs is big opportunity for teams the world over

By William Davis


Sep 4, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends community is bracing for what is sure to be an intense weekend of playoff action, one that offers many opportunities for the players and teams involved.

With the 2020 World Championship fast approaching, fans across the world are wanting to know exactly which teams will be competing at the event. Many of these names have already been decided, but the teams’ seeding remains in doubt.

Seeding can play a huge role in success or failure at an event such as the World Championship. There’s a big difference between an early group stage exit and a run to the playoffs at the calendar’s most prestigious League of Legends event of the year. And seeding can have a major impact on which of these outcomes a team might achieve.

Top-seeded teams can rest a bit easier knowing that they won’t encounter each other in the tournament’s earlier stages, while those who come into the event as middle or lower seeds know that they’ll have to face some of the tournament’s most favored competitors almost immediately.

Few teams would want to open their tournament with a game against Top Esports, the best-ranked team from China’s LPL and the reigning LPL champion. Achieving a top seed is the only way to avoid such a possibility.

In Europe’s LEC, G2 Esports and Fnatic will be battling it out to determine who will be the region’s top seed. This rivalry has proven time and again to be among the most exciting clashes of teams in the world, and fans are already excited to see it revisited yet again.

In North America’s LCS, surprise finalist FlyQuest awaits one of two more established challengers, Team Liquid and Team SoloMid. While FlyQuest was also able to qualify for the LCS final in the spring, it still came as a surprise to many fans when the side managed to enter the finals from the upper bracket.

Liquid and TSM are both teams with great potential who have struggled to show it consistently. Being stuck with a lower seed could be a real burden around the neck of either squad as they attempt to prove their worth on the game’s biggest stage.

Damwon Gaming and DragonX will also be competing for a top seed. The two teams seek to represent Korea at the World Championship, trying to find the region’s lost glory as Korean teams have failed to live up to expectations for multiple years.

Along with matches come opportunities for online betting. Fans who think they know which team is the best will be sure to try and profit from the weekend slate. With so much already on the line, all of the action likely to come in on these games only makes it that much more impactful a set of games.