Izi Prime ban

Why was Izi Prime banned from Twitch? A viral video shows why

By Olivia Richman


Apr 6, 2022

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Izi Prime, a streamer best known for being friends with Adin Ross, has been banned from Twitch following a controversial video clip going viral.

Izi Prime seemed to suddenly disappear from Twitch, leaving fans wondering what happened this time. The streamer had just returned from a previous ban after Felix “xQc” Lengyel accused him of cheating in a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 match the two had wagered on. Had Izi Prime cheated again?

Fans soon realized that Izi Prime was involved in more than one controversy. A tweet was posted on March 31 by fellow streamer A1jazzz. She posted a video on Twitter that showed Izi Prime making inappropriate remarks about her appearance, calling her a “fat booty b—-” at one point.

Izi Prime banned from Twitch for sexist behavior

In the video, A1jazzz said that she was feeling very uncomfortable as Izi Prime and his viewers continued to make “rapeish” comments about her. Izi Prime claimed that the viewers involved in the activity were not his subs, but A1jazzz had enough of the behavior and exposed the situation on Twitter.

In response to the clip going viral on Twitter, Izi Prime was banned from Twitch for a week. Izi Prime tweeted about the suspension on Twitter, saying he would be back in seven days. He also made a joke about “fat booty b——,” which made it appear that he wasn’t taking the situation seriously.


Many felt that this behavior from Adin Ross‘ inner circle wasn’t surprising. Another streamer, IShowSpeed, was permanently banned after threatening to rape a female streamer on Ross’ show. At that time, Adin Ross was criticized for allowing the harassment to go on for as long as he did, even allowing IShowSpeed back into the chat later to continue the behavior.

Jidon “JiDion” Adams, another one of Adin Ross’ friends, was also banned from Twitch after repeatedly harassing Imane “Pokimane” Anys.

Did Izi Prime cheat in Call of Duty against xQc?

During a recent stream, Adin Ross and xQc decided to play a Black Ops 2 wager against one another along with some teammates. But xQc ended up accusing Ross’ teammate, Izi Prime, of cheating. It appeared as though Izi Prime’s viewers were feeding information to his team.

As Izi Prime laughed about the situation, calling it a “reach,” xQc could be seen getting frustrated. Ross attempted to defend Izi Prime, but xQc wasn’t convinced and ended the stream shortly after.


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