Overwatch 2

Why Overwatch 2 is a sequel instead of just another update

By Olivia Richman


Jun 17, 2022

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The recent Overwatch 2 showcase wasn’t too exciting for some Overwatch players, and it has them questioning if the game should be a sequel at all.

The showcase on June 16 showed off new tank hero Junker Queen, discussed how battle passes will work, and introduced Mythic skins to fans. While there was no denying that the new information was exciting for fans who have waited years for Overwatch 2, it still hasn’t convinced everyone that the content is worthy of an entirely new game.

Ever since Overwatch 2 was announced, a lot of the FPS community wondered why the new heroes, maps, and game modes couldn’t just be added to the first Overwatch. After all, most of the new PvP content would be retroactively added to Overwatch 1 when Overwatch 2 comes out. But game director Aaron Keller has responded to these ongoing rants.

Why isn’t Overwatch 2 just an Overwatch 1 update?

Keller recently opened up about why Overwatch 2 is a sequel and not an update to Overwatch 1.

In the interview, Keller explained that the developer team is “doing things with Overwatch 2 that would be difficult” if it weren’t its own game. This includes majorly reworking the PvP experience, even removing one tank from each team to make the format 5v5 instead of 6v6. There are also a lot of updates to the heroes themselves.

“We’re also introducing role passives for every hero, reworking and modifying a lot of the heroes in the game, removing crowd control abilities from the game… Overwatch 2 does feel like something fresh and new. And I think it’s easier to do something like that in the context of a sequel,” Keller explained.

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In addition, there will be map changes, new maps, and even a new competitive system. It would basically be too large to be an update. Instead, Keller said they decided to make Overwatch 2 free-to-play.

“So by going free-to-play with Overwatch we are not just giving people a different way of interacting with the game; the development team itself is thinking about the way we create and release content in a totally new way,” said Keller. “The amount of content it takes to run a free-to-play live service game is orders of magnitude more than what it takes to run something that you put into a box and sell.”

For Keller and the Overwatch team, Overwatch 2 is worthy of being a sequel. The game includes an immense amount of new gameplay components and a complete graphical overhaul. Players will be able to experience more of this in the next beta, including playing as Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2 is set to come out in early access on October 4.


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