Why is the rox Holo signature such an expensive CSGO sticker?

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The Martin “rox” Molina holo has become one of the most expensive stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but the reason why is a little complicated.

Plenty of CSGO players have attempted to stick out from the crowd with unique signature stickers. From the classic contributions of Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney to the nickname drops of Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov, there’s plenty of funny ways to make skins stand out by using stickers. But one particular signature from a not-so-popular player at the Antwerp Major fetches a very hefty price. Most holo signatures sell for little over the price of a capsule, so why does the rox sticker sell for $63 a pop?

For every major, Valve releases sticker capsules with autographs from all the attending players. There’s always a fair bit of drama between players using a digital font or certain submissions getting rejected. Very few things slip through the cracks, though symbols and flourishes are generally accepted. In the case of Argentinian player Martin “rox” Molina of 9z Team, he decided to replace the letter O in his name with a Chinese character.

rox Holo autograph sticker

rox holo CSGO stickers are a cultural sensation

rox holos and golds sell for over $60 a pop, but why does it demand such a high price?

The biggest factor pushing the sticker’s price so high is collectability. The O in rox’s name is written as the Chinese character Zhong. The character has many meanings including China itself. For this reason, the sticker is favored by many Chinese collectors. The size of the character makes it the only thing visible from a distance.

AWP | Lightning Strike rox Holo craft

But demand alone doesn’t create a high price. The supply for rox Holos is extremely small, and only a few dozen are available on the Steam Marketplace. The odds for unboxing a rox Holo are estimated to be around 1 in 1,200 capsules. The Gold version is even rarer, but it demands a similar price. The Holo design’s reflective finish is generally more desirable for high-end crafts. 

Combined with the fact that serious traders buy them four at a time, it’s easy to see why rox Holos are such a coveted commodity. With the end of Antwerp capsule sales, the rox holo will only get rarer and more expensive.


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