Why gaming reviews are more important than ever

By William Davis


May 24, 2023

Reading time: 5 min

The modern gaming landscape is a wide ranging one. Despite what some people might believe, gaming is now far better than ever. There’s a wealth of amazing games coming out every single year. We aren’t just talking about video games either. There are also some amazing casino games popping up too. Due to the vast number of games of all types being produced, we can’t possibly have time to play them all, let alone the cash to buy them all. This is why gaming reviews are more important than ever. 

Reviews are important for all industries. Would you spend money on a holiday without first reading a review of the hotel or company? Spend your hard-earned cash at an online casino without first reading reviews? No. You should visit a trusted source for rated reviews. Carrying on our analogy if you’re looking for a reliable online casino, a good place to start would be by reading through betting guides and online casino reviews from https://www.betkiwi.co.nz. They use a robust system for reviewing platforms and games, following a strict rating system. Following this simple advice will give you a clearer picture and make you more informed before investing any money in a product.

Gaming reviews reveal the game’s highlights

While we’ve been guilty of blindly buying and playing games before, we don’t make it a habit. However, we’ve been burnt plenty of times like this. We didn’t know what to expect when we jumped into the game and the game has often ended up being something we didn’t enjoy.

When you read through game reviews, you can get an idea about what the game brings to the table. You’ll learn about what the genre the game is in, what the graphics are like, if there are any bugs and what the main features are. We all like different games. Reading reviews, or watching videos, is the best way to see what a game offers.

So, if you don’t know whether you’ll like a game, read the reviews. You’ll then have something to base your decision on. In fact, it may be worth checking out a couple of gaming reviews for any game you are interested in, just to see what it offers.

You can avoid the bad games

We know that we said that there are a lot of great games being released nowadays, but there are also some terrible games too. We mean seriously terrible ones. If you buy a game on brand name alone, you’ll be sorely disappointed. For example, there are two games recently that we expected to be good: Gollum and Suicide Squad, but both ended up being beyond awful. Hopefully, people weren’t too burned by them. 

If you read reviews, then you can avoid games that are just going to be plain terrible to play. Do remember though that sometimes even the bad games can be fun to play for some people. There are some games that have been critically panned that we absolutely loved, which is why reading reviews and getting a feel for the game may be ideal. Unless a game is a broken mess, you may still find something there that you end up loving a lot. We can’t promise you will, but who knows what could happen!

Microtransaction intense games can be given a pass

We know that microtransactions are part and parcel of gaming nowadays. Game prices haven’t really increased in step with everything else over the years, but they’re still becoming more expensive to produce. Plus, game publishers always want a bit of extra cash in their account, so microtransactions aren’t going to go away anytime soon. However, you still want to know that the game won’t be too expensive to play and that the game isn’t essentially ‘pay to win’. Well, not unless you are playing a casino game. While we don’t object to cosmetic microtransactions, life’s too short to play games that are going to drain your bank account. 

Learn which games suit you best

We like reading gaming reviews because they let us know whether the game is worth our time. When we’re in the mood for something short, we look for game reviews that highlight shorter games, just so we can get a feel for them. We rarely ever want to jump into multi-hundred hour epics, unless we’re committing to playing an MMORPG. However, you might be completely different. You may want to game on a CPU, so knowing which game best suits this would be advantageous. 

As you read through reviews, you’ll get a feel for how fun a game is. You’ll learn how long you can expect to spend on the game, and even discover when you can expect the game to be most enjoyable.

Find games that provide the best value for money

Finally, you get the chance to determine which games will offer you real bang for your buck. You want games that will give you a huge amount of fun for the money you’re paying. Games are pretty expensive, and you probably won’t be able to afford them all or have the time to play them all.

Reading reviews allows you to choose games that give you the right fun for your needs. We’re talking games that give you a ton of hours for the money you pay, or at least give you a huge amount of fun for the short amount of time you’ll be playing the game.

Obviously, what constitutes value for money will differ for everybody. We’ve seen great games for $20-$30 that have provided us with a dozen hours of gameplay, and games for $10 that give us hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay. 

Basically, reading game reviews is going to help you to save a lot of money when you are playing games. It can be a pretty expensive hobby, and while it’s certainly not the most expensive, you’ll still want to try and save money where you can.

Read gaming reviews today

There are plenty of reasons why gaming reviews are more important than ever. The gaming market is crowded and you want to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. When it comes right down to it, game reviews help you to avoid wasting your money and time on games that aren’t worth it.


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