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Why Disney canceled The Owl House season 3

by | Mar 30, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Season 3 of The Owl House is now streaming on Disney+. We are days away from the premiere of the third and final episode of the show, and here is everything you need to know before the finale.

The Owl House follows the story of a human girl called Luz who travels through a portal to a new world. In the Demon Realm, she befriends a witch and a warrior. Through the story, Luz discovers her own potential to become a witch.

The show was created by Dana Terrace, who previously worked on Gravity Falls and DuckTales. The show features the voice acting talents of Sarah-Nicole Robles, Wendie Malick, Mae Whitman, and many more.

The third and final season of the show is split into three 44-minute specials. Part one was released in October 2022 and the second part in January 2023. The third and final part is coming out on April 8.

The final three episodes of the show will wrap up the story, giving an ending to all of the storylines.

The Owl House cancelation controversy

Fans were taken aback by the sudden cancelation of The Owl House. The creator of the show took her time to explain the reason behind the cancelation through Reddit.

According to Terrace, the show was canceled because some executives considered it “didn’t fit the Disney Channel brand”. There are multiple reasons why the network could’ve reached this conclusion. The first being that most of the audience was on the older side of the demographic. This isn’t a strange phenomenon when compared with other successful animated shows that were originally intended for younger audiences. Some examples are Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Bluey.

Another reason, and perhaps the most relevant to the executives, is that The Owl House had LGBTQ+ storylines. In the show, Luz falls in love with Amity Blight. This seemed to be too much for some conservative executives who decided to cancel a show that had good ratings.

Terrace also shared that these decisions were all made behind her back.

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