Who's xQc?

Who is xQc? All we know about the popular Twitch streamer

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 8, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

xQc has rapidly risen the ranks of Twitch to become one of the platform’s household names. The variety streamer has forged a successful career through his entertaining content, and he continues to expand his following every day on Twitch.

Finding quick success on Twitch isn’t an easy feat. Most streamers grind their way through the ladder for years, but that’s wasn’t the case for xQc. The 26-year-old Canadian quickly became popular for his wide variety of gaming and non-gaming content. In 2021, he was the most-watched Twitch streamer with over 274 million hours watched. 

xQc’s streaming career took off when he dropped professional Overwatch play in 2020 and moved to streaming on Twitch full-time. His bans in the Overwatch League led in part to the move, and he was a controversial figure on the streaming platform as well. Fortunately, fans didn’t really watch xQc for his ace gameplay. In 2022, he’s garnered 10 million followers on Twitch with his witty personality and ability to connect with the viewers. 

What games does xQc play?

xQc is often seen doing IRL streams with thousands of viewers and has also dabbled into various gaming content. In 2022, xQc is the go-to variety channel. 

GTA roleplay fans know him for his rage fits, drama, and beefs with the server admins. The Valorant community watches him for his ridiculous impressions. The Canadian doesn’t stick to one game and serves a variety of audiences by trying his hand at new and trending titles. 

Where is xQc from?

Twitch streamer xQc is from Canada and was born in Laval, Quebec in 1995. He’s 26 years old and is known for playing video games with friends and chatting casually with viewers.

Why did xQc get banned on Twitch? 

xQc has been banned five times on Twitch for different reasons. He was first banned in 2019 for streaming inappropriate material. The second Twitch ban was similar as he purposefully chose to view nudity on-stream in 2020. His third ban included accidentally showing animal pornography, and the fourth ban came for streaming the Tokyo Olympics. The reason behind a ban in August 2021 is unknown. 

How much does xQc make?

A massive leak in 2021 revealed the income of many Twitch streamers, and xQc ranked amongst the highest-earning streamers. According to the documents leaked in 2021, xQc supposedly made $8,454,427 from Twitch payouts alone from August 2019 to October 2021.

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According to the leak, the Canadian had a monthly payout of $750K in September 2021, making him the highest-paid streamer on Twitch since September 2019. His yearly income totals up to insane numbers without adding up other earnings. It’s worth noting that this figure includes only his Twitch earnings. The overall sum is likely much higher after including revenue from other platforms such as YouTube, sponsorships, merch, and viewer donations. His Twitch payout earnings to go up along with his channel’s growth. 

Who is xQc’s girlfriend? 

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xQc is dating his long-time girlfriend Adeptthebest. The two parted ways in August 2021 but later got back together, announcing the decision through Twitter. The 26-year-old is now thought to still be dating the fellow Twitch streamer in 2022. 


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