Who is UNSC puppet Vinsher Grath in the new Halo show?

By Nicholas James


Apr 8, 2022

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A new rebel figure has been introduced to Halo canon, serving as the UNSC’s puppet leader. But who is Vinsher Grath in the new Halo show?

Vinsher Grath, a prominent figure in the outer rim rebellion, has been introduced to the Halo universe through the live-action Halo adaptation on Paramount Plus. The smarmy outer colonies representative played by Burn Gorman is being set up as the United Nations Space Command’s preferred puppet representative of the rebellious outer colonies.

Who is Vinsher Grath in the Halo show?

Vinsher Grath is introduced as an outer colonies political figure who is allegedly trying to broker peace between the rebel colonies and the United Earth Government. In the first episode of the Halo show, rebels in Madrigal are skeptical of Vinsher Grath given that he is espousing peace with a government that has abused and ignored the outer colonies for generations. After putting a bounty on Kwan Ha’s head, Visher Grath seems to be being set up as a puppet of ONI and the UNSC.

When the Spartans attack the outpost on Madrigal, it’s revealed that they were sent to kill rebel leader Jin Ha and other rebels. All of this conveniently happens while Grath is elsewhere, allegedly attempting to negotiate with the UNSC. After Kwan Ha is taken by the UNSC she is slated for execution.

The Spartan raid on the Madrigal outpost killing Jin Ha has left Vinsher Grath as the next in line for leadership of the outer rim alliances. Once Kwan Ha refuses the UNSC’s offer, they are eager to have her killed in order to maintain her silence. All of this behavior makes sense if Vinsher Grath has been compromised by the UNSC and is being set up as their puppet to defuse the rebellions.

ONI would have sent the Spartans to kill Jin-Ha and promote Vinsher Grath. At the same time, ONI could have been hoping to kill two birds with one stone by getting the daughter of the martyred Jin Ha to espouse peace with the UNSC, moving in tune with Grath. As Kwan Ha looks to return home to Madrigal, it seems inevitable that she’ll collide with Vinsher Grath in future episodes of the new Halo show.


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