Who is the voice behind omnic tank Ramattra in Overwatch 2?

By Olivia Richman


Dec 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ramattra is officially in Overwatch 2 and players are intrigued by his abilities, backstory, and voice lines. But who is the real voice behind Ramattra?

Ramattra is the latest tank hero in Overwatch 2, and he has continued to deepen the game’s extensive lore. Ramattra is the leader of Null Sector, hoping to impose his philosophies on the world. He believes that omnics should only care about each other, unlike Zenyatta who wants harmony between omnics and humans.

“I was created to lead omnics into war. But all I have ever wanted is a better life for my people,” Ramattra said. “We have tried to coexist with humanity, but humanity is not interested in sharing their world. How many omnics should perish to fuel mankind’s dreams? No more.”

Ramattra’s voice lines within the game dive even deeper into his philosophies and his relationship with Zenyatta.

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Ramattra voice lines in Overwatch 2

Some of Ramattra’s most interesting lines of dialogue are his interactions with Zenyatta, a fellow omnic he’s close with. Here are some of his most memorable interactive voice lines.


  • Do you remember when we sat up at night, counting stars?
  • No, I’ve simply grown tired of pretending I’m content.
  • So you are capable of violence after all?
  • Someone’s forgotten our lessons!
  • You taught me that one!
  • And now, Mondatta’s lessons have betrayed you, too!
  • You shouldn’t joined me, brother.


  • My brother wasted too much of his life teaching you.
  • My brother pitied you.


  • You humans love your assumptions.

Junker Queen

  • I hear you like to prey on omnics. Try me.
  • You have preyed on my people for the last time.


  • Are you satisfied following humans allowed like an observant pet?
  • Not advanced enough it seems.


  • I truly had no quarrel with you. I’m sorry.


  • Do humans find comfort in such petty humor?


  • I expected more from the fabled crusaders.


  • Return to your rest.
  • Weak after all.
  • Suffer as I have!

Who voices Ramattra in Overwatch 2?

The man behind the dark and troubled omnic is Ramon Tikaram. This London-based actor has previously appeared in video games like Diablo Immortal, Elden Ring, Subnautica, and League of Legends. In the past, he’s also lent his voice work to television shows and movies.

Takaram has been voicing Ramattra since the Archives PvE mission in the original Overwatch. Ramattra, who didn’t have a known name at the time, talked with Doomfist about hiring Talon to aid Null Sector’s mission.