Who is the main character of Arcane?

By Nicholas James


Apr 5, 2022

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The animated adaptation of League of Legends focuses on plenty of champions from the games, but who is the main character of Arcane?

Arcane is the first proper venture for Riot Games into traditional entertainment, pulling back the curtain on several champions from Piltover and Zaun. Is there one true protagonist or is the main character in Arcane really multiple people? Here’s everything you need to know about the champions that star in Arcane.

The champions starring in Arcane

The main character of Arcane is actually two characters, the sisters Jinx and Vi (otherwise known as Powder and Violet). The two sisters are the characters around whom much of the story revolves, and are certainly the central focus of the show’s narrative.

It’s Violet and Powder’s raid on a Piltovan lab that gets them reported to Piltover by Silco, causing Jayce to be expelled by the Academy and meet Viktor and Mel Medarda, and that’s just in the first two episodes.

The story’s relatable core comes down to the story of two sisters and their relationship’s journey through trauma, separation, and conflict. After their parents are killed during the Harbour Bridge revolution, the two sisters are taken in by their adoptive father Vander. This is torn apart after Vander’s ex-comrade Silco uses the girls’ raid on Jayce’s laboratory to sick Piltover enforcers on his once-friend, and this results in Vi and Jinx being torn apart.

What other champions are in Arcane?

Secondary characters like Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Heimerdinger, Singed, Silco, Sevika, and Caitlyn all play vital parts to the story, and have their own histories and characters to unpack. But the story of Arcane’s first season examines most of them in relation to Vi and Jinx’s struggle. The biggest exception to this is Jayce and Viktor’s storyline involving Hextech, but even that intersects with Vi and Jinx’s struggle.

The answer of the main character in Arcane is a difficult one, given the wide cast and ensemble nature of such a story. However, Vi and Jinx’s strained relationship forms the heart of Arcane’s poignant storytelling.


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