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Who is Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War Netflix film?

By Nicholas James


Nov 21, 2022

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The Gears of War Netflix film is slowly having details released about it, revealing a character named Marcus Fenix. But what do we know about the Gears of War protagonist so far?

It’s been announced that Netflix is working on a Gears of War film, and there are some big names showing interest, but who is the protagonist of the games and film?

Who is Marcus Fenix?

Marcus Fenix is a member of the Gears, the name for the Coalition of Ordered Governments’ infantry forces. The gears of War series takes place on Sera, an Earth-like fictional planet that has spent much of its lifetime rife with conflict.

In the modern era of Sera, the citizens of the world are mostly divided between two warring governments, the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics. Marcus is one of the soldiers that helps end the conflict by stealing designs for an orbital weapon that his father then builds and turns on the UIR.

After this, the world of Sera is attacked by a mysterious race known as the Locus Horde, which forces the newly-allied UIR and COG to cooperate. This window of time is likely when a Gears of War adaptation would pick up.

From there, Marcus’ journey in his fight against the Locust Horde takes him on an epic journey, but if you’re new to the Gears of War franchise, it’s best left unspoiled.

Who will play Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War Netflix film?

It’s not yet been officially announced who will take up Marcus’ iconic armor, but there’s one huge name in the running. Ex-pro wrestler and actor Dave Bautista has put his name in the hat by leading a campaign on Twitter with a video expressing his interest. In the clip, Bautista dons Marcus’ armor to prove just how similar the two look.

There are almost no details currently confirmed about the Gears of War Netflix film, but it’s hard to imagine Bautista isn’t in consideration given how well his interest was received.


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