Who is LadyHope and why was she banned from Twitch?

By Olivia Richman


May 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The drama surrounding GTA RP’s NoPixel server never ends. And to no one’s surprise, Felix “xQc” Lengyel was involved in the server’s latest dramatics.

GTA 5 has become a pretty popular game on Twitch as more big streamers have joined a roleplaying server known as NoPixel. One of the most popular players on NoPixel is xQc, a former Overwatch League pro turned controversial full-time streamer. He has a large fanbase that can at times be difficult to control. Recently, some of his followers went too far following his in-game arrest. 

A streamer named LadyHope arrested xQc when they came face-to-face in NoPixel. During the May 4 stream, xQc was arrested by two officers, one being LadyHope. While he was in the hospital. xQc expressed a lot of disappointment at being put in jail, with the streamer stating that the officers had no proof he’d done anything wrong. xQc’s outburst inspired some of his followers to take action in his honor. 

LadyHope banned for reading hate mail from xQc fans

LadyHope was bombarded with harassment soon after she arrested xQc. During a live stream, LadyHope decided to read some of the messages she’d received to her viewers. 

In a shocking turn of events, Twitch reacted by suspending LadyHope from the broadcasting platform. In a TwitLonger from the streamer, she explained that the clip of her reading the hate was taken out of context and that she was suspended due to “violent hate speech.” LadyHope stated that she had appealed the ban immediately. 

LadyHope also expressed that her mental health was taking a beating from the situation. The mounting harassment and the Twitch suspension had left her feeling quite upset. Still, LadyHope begged her followers to not “spread hate” to xQc, his fans, or anyone else. 

“It’s nobody’s fault and it’s something I’m working to resolve,” LadyHope said. 

LadyHope unbanned from Twitch following community uproar

It’s no surprise that the streaming community was horrified by Twitch’s decision to ban LadyHope. Many took to Twitter to complain about Twitch and the website’s “incompetence” when it comes to consistent punishment. This was an especially hot topic after Twitch employee Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham all but disregarded the community’s ongoing complaints about the “hot tub meta” and other current issues on the platform.

The following day, LadyHope was able to share a positive update on the situation. 

“Twitch issued me an apology and said the account was suspended due to a mistake on their part. Thank you for all the support and help to get this noticed and corrected so quickly. Means a lot,” LadyHope said. 

While the streaming community was happy to see LadyHope back on Twitch, they were still wary of the platform itself. A lot of people replied that this wasn’t the first time that Twitch has “accidentally” banned a streamer for out-of-context reasons. Others called Twitch bans “a joke.” As the complaints continue, LadyHope is already back on the NoPixel grind. 


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