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Who is Kurosaki? One of the top players on CS2 leaderboard

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 11, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards are live, and players are locking horns to be the best. But the top rank is currently claimed by a full-time grinder called Kurosaki, a former pro player. 

CS2 leaderboards are cut-throat. It’s tricky to claim the top spot for longer than a day, as everyone is grinding Prime around the clock. However, a player named Kumaresan Tommy Ramani managed to grab the top spot and retain it for longer than a day until Bobosaur dethroned him. 

But Kurosaki is already playing hard to return to the number 1 position, leading everyone to wonder: Who is Kurosaki? Here’s what we know about the current second and former top player in CS2.

Who is Kurosaki in CS2? 

Kurosaki is a CS2 player who currently sits at rank # 2 on the leaderboard, tailing fellow semi-pro Bobosaur. 

Kurosaki CS2 leaderboard

Kurosaki was the top player just 24 hours ago, with 96% of his matches won. So far, he’s won 127 matches and continues to spam queue on his livestream. At the rate he’s playing CS2, he might return to the top spot sooner than anyone expects. 

While Kurosaki has earned his mettle by hitting the top rank once, players think he’s cheating because he’s not a known pro. However, few know that Kurosaki is a former CSGO professional player who’s currently a free agent in Valorant. He previously played for Paper Rex and is now showing interest in Valorant’s competitor.

It’s highly unlikely that Kurosaki cheated to get to the top spot considering his history in the FPS games, but players are still not sold. The good thing is that the second-best on the leaderboard streams most of his CS2 games on Twitch so that skeptics can observe his journey themselves. 

It remains to be seen how long it takes for him to dethrone Bobosaur, who’s currently the best player in CS2 Prime globally.


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