Who is IWillDominate, the controversial League streamer?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 28, 2022

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League of Legends streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera is well known on Twitch thanks to his former career as a pro League of Legends player for Team Liquid. Ever since then, IWillDominate has been known for his impressive in-game skills and his outspoken nature when chatting with his fans. But who is IWillDominate, really?

While IWillDominate has become a top League of Legends content creator over the years, some viewers and fans may be wondering how he grew so fast on Twitch and what happened during some of his recent controversies.

How old is IWillDominate?

IWillDominate is 31 years old. The New York City native was born on August 13, 1990. As a child, IWillDominate was crazy for video games but his focus was more on platforming games. Donkey Kong and Super Mario were his top picks until college, when he switched to playing competitively and found League of Legends.

IWillDominate was later suspended from League of Legends in 2012 due to toxic behavior. That’s when he made a new account with the name “IWDomínate.”

When did IWillDominate join Twitch?

IWillDominate started streaming on Twitch when he reached a 2.2K Elo rating. He also started competing in events and tournaments around that same time.

Now a content creator for Cloud9, IWillDominate has more than 834,000 followers on his Twitch with an average viewership of 4,324. His most-played game remains League of Legends. In fact, it’s hard to find him playing anything else.

Was IWillDominate a pro League of Legends player?

IWillDominate was a pro League of Legends player prior to becoming a full-time streamer and content creator. In 2013, IWillDominate joined Team Curse, which later became known as Team Liquid. He played as Team Liquid’s jungle after his ban from the top North American competition, the LCS, was lifted. He retired from competitive play in 2016 and later became a streamer for Team Liquid before joining Cloud9 as a content creator.

What happened to IWillDominate?

IWillDominate was removed from the League of Legends Partnership Program for a year due to statements he made on social media that “violated [Riot Games’] policies and desire to foster a safe and inclusive community.”

IWillDominate claimed he was not given an example of the behavior in question, but it was noted that he had made a sexist comment during an LCS stream. IWillDominate had asked a female player if they were “painting their nails,” sparking a lot of backlash from women in the community. His removal from Riot’s partnership program followed shortly after.

Despite the drama, IWillDominate was given his co-streaming abilities back in 2021 after Riot decided that he’d shown sufficient improvement in his behavior.

IWillDominate drama with other streamers

As an outspoken streamer, it’s no surprise that IWillDominate has run into some issues with other well-known names in League of Legends. One well-known argument was between him and popular streamer Tyler “Tyler1″ Steinkamp.

During a stream last spring, a fan asked if IWillDominate was friends with Tyler1.

“Why would I be friends with somebody like that? That would not make sense. Somebody goes live, publicly slanders you multiple times, lies, you play Twitch Rivals aginst them, the game you win against them they just permanently shit talk you, gets their community to shit on you permanently…Why would I be friends with someone like that?” IWillDominate said at the time.

Tyler1 accused IWillDominate of just “trolling,” saying that he was simply “s— talking” and meant nothing by it at the time. But IWillDominate responded that Tyler1 wasn’t “bantering” and that his harsh words were full of ill intent. IWillDominate ultimately called Tyler1 a “cancer.”  

What is IWillDominate’s net worth?

IWillDominate’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.5 million.

While playing League of Legends competitively, IWillDominate made $41,000 from tournaments. During that time he was a part of teams that had a lot of prominent sponsors, including SAP, Crunchyroll, Monster, NeedForSeat, HyperX, and Alienware.

Most of IWillDominate’s money has come from his time as a full-time streamer and content creator. On Twitch, IWillDominate makes about $7.5K a month from subscribers alone. He also makes money from ads, sponsors, and donations. YouTube is another good source of money for IWillDominate, as his videos on YouTube have accumulated about 200 million views in total.

Is IWillDominate dating anyone?

IWillDominate was dating Fasffy for a while, and then was romantically connected to Katerino. At the moment, it appears that IWillDominate is single.

Katerino is a streamer who was cheating on her boyfriend with two other streamers, CallMeCarson and Fitz. IWillDominate claimed he wasn’t aware of this drama before their relationship began. According to IWillDominate, their relationship was only physical in nature.


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