Who is Ewok, and why is the streamer leaving FaZe Clan?

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 16, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Ewok is known for breaking barriers in the gaming world, but many fans don’t know his origin story.

Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler is a popular battle royale streamer who is currently taking a hiatus from content creation. After a long tenure with FaZe Clan, the 16-year-old streamer has decided to go it alone for his future career. Here’s why Ewok’s time on FaZe was so important and why they decided to leave. 

Why did Ewok leave FaZe Clan?

Ewok rose to prominence as a battle royale streamer, but they’re currently on hiatus from making content. Ewok occasionally posts on social media, but their official Twitch channel is much less active than it used to be. Ewok’s channel has only logged 46 stream hours over the past three months. That inactivity may have led to the FaZe Clan partnership’s dissolution. Ewok is still a teenager in high school, so he has many other priorities to attend to.

While Ewok is no longer formally associated with FaZe Clan, they appear to be maintaining individual sponsorships with Epic Games and Killer Jerky. It’s worth noting that 15 of Ewok’s stream hours are from within the past week, and some social media posts seem to indicate a potential comeback. Ewok could find another esports sponsor in the near future.

Is FaZe Ewok actually deaf?

Ewok is legally deaf. He prefers to keep the exact details of his deafness private, but some fans claim to know that he was born deaf. While not the first gamer with a disability to enter the esports space, Ewok was the first such person to join the popular FaZe Clan brand.

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Not being able to hear has its obvious disadvantages in multiplayer gaming, but Ewok has several tools to level the playing field. He uses a noise visualizer on his screen to indicate where sounds happen in Fortnite. Some detractors have even claimed that Ewok gets an unfair advantage from the visualizer. Considering that he misses out on a bunch of other sound-based information, it’s unlikely that it puts Ewok at an advantage on balance. 

What is Ewok famous for?

Ewok first rose to prominence as a Fortnite streamer on Twitch. Fellow battle royale enthusiast Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar decided to host the young streamer after his own session had concluded. Ewok’s skill during that stream caused their channel to explode over the next few months. 

Ewok joined FaZe Clan after placing highly in the 2019 World Cup’s Pro-Am Duos Fortnite tournament. She was only 13 years old at the time, which was young even by esports’ standards. Ewok’s welcoming stream environment, fun commentary, and high skill level made them an instant hit in the world of competitive gaming.

What gender is Ewok?

When Ewok first joined FaZe Clan, they made history for being the sponsor’s first official female member. They broke boundaries again by coming out as transgender on Coming Out Day in 2020. Ewok now identifies as male, with he and him as his preferred pronouns.