Next Valorant agent 20

Who is Bounty Hunter? Valorant agent 20’s codename leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The next Valorant agent, to this point known only as agent 20, will be a bounty hunter as predicted. Its leaked codename hints at the next character’s abilities and fighting style. 

The agent protocol has been quiet since the release of lighting fast agent Neon. Riot Games confirmed that the next agent would be spawned in Episode 4 Act 3, which starts soon. Credible data miner ValorLeaks has already announced the codename of the next Valorant agent 20.

Agent 20 is codenamed “Bounty Hunter,” an apt name for an Initiator. The leak comes a month ahead of the next Valorant act. Here’s what it could mean. 

Who’s the next Valorant agent 20? 

According to the leaks and clues scattered across maps, agent 20 is likely an Initiator with abilities similar to those of Sova and Cypher. 

The protocol is currently loaded with duelists and controllers. A mysterious blackmailer is after the agents and has been using personal information to achieve some secret vendetta. After failing to track down the stealthy agent, Viper has decided to recruit them into the protocol. According to her, the current roster could use “more eyes.”

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“Cypher’s network is invaluable, but it’s a crutch. It doesn’t replace our need for agents in the field. We’re losing, Brim. If we’re going to survive, we need more information. We need more eyes,” Viper said.

Viper’s statement confirmed that the upcoming character is an intel-gatherer. After Sova’s kit failed to expose the agent’s location, the team looked to Cypher to dig up information. The Moroccan Spy was able to track them down to Turkey, confirming the nationality of agent 20. This set of eyes will help the protocol bolster their intel-gathering set. 

The leaked codename further confirms the clues. Sova is also called a hunter for his bow and arrow, and he’s an Initiator. So Valorant agent 20 will likely bring some competition for the spy. There may even be some lore connection between the two, as Bounty Hunter is entering the picture as a competitor. 

What are Bounty Hunter’s abilities? 

It remains to be seen how Bounty Hunter’s kit functions and what abilities they will wield. So far, the best guess is that Bounty Hunter will one up Sova’s traditional kit with technical gear that can hack enemy codes. The exclamation sign on the main menu screen confirms that this character’s a know-it-all hacker. 

Valorant agent 20 release date

Players will have to wait until April 26 to try out Bounty Hunter’s kit. Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 will start at the end of April with a brand new battle pass and a skin bundle. That’s when players will finally be able to get their hands on Valorant agent 20 as it releases.