Alissa Violet

Who is Alissa Violet? How did she become so popular on YouTube?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2022

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If you are familiar with famous influencers and content creators, you’ve probably heard of Alissa Violet. Whether it’s posing on Instagram, streaming on Twitch, or appearing in a music video, Alissa Violet is seemingly everywhere. But who is Alissa Violet, and how did she become so famous on YouTube and elsewhere?

Why is Alissa Violet famous?

Alissa Violet actually started her online career on Vine, an app similar to TikTok that has since shut down. She gained 600,000 followers on the app before the service was discontinued.

Once Vine died, Alissa joined Jake Paul’s Team 10 project, living in Los Angeles with other content creators that were part of the collective. From there, Alissa Violet started creating content on YouTube, uploading her first vlog in 2016.

While Alissa Violet’s content was part of the draw, many fans tuned in for the drama. Alissa was allegedly kicked out of the Team 10 house by Jake Paul in 2017. The popular YouTuber put a lock on her door and threw her property down the stairs, accusing her of cheating on social media. In return, Alissa accused Paul of ignoring her and manipulating her.

What happened between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul?

Jake Paul dissed Alissa in “It’s Every Day, Bro,” a now-infamous song that still gets mocked online to this day. Alissa Violet herself made a reaction to the song called “It’s Every Night Sis,” a collaboration with RiceGum that has hundreds of millions of views.

Alissa Violet also released a video called “What you’ve been waiting for,” where she went into more detail about what happened while Alissa and Jake Paul were dating. Alissa claimed that she moved to Los Angeles after meeting Jake Paul and falling “head over heels” for him. The couple was on and off, and Alissa was allegedly told to leave the Team 10 house whenever Paul had other women over. Meanwhile, Alissa claimed that Jake Paul was “controlling” and wouldn’t let her have male friends over.

Alissa said she decided to treat Jake Paul exactly how he had been creating her, which is what led him to finally kick her out for good. Jake Paul responded with a video of his own where he admitted to making many mistakes during the rocky relationship.

Is Alissa Violet dating FaZe Banks?

After leaving Team 10, Alissa moved to the Clout House in part due to her connection to RiceGum. She began dating FaZe Banks around that time. Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks dated from 2017 to 2019, but Alissa confirmed they had broken up in July 2019 when she left the Clout House.

Why did Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks break up?

Alissa Violet claimed that the reason behind the breakup with FaZe Banks was Banks being unfaithful. She was asked on Twitter how she found out that she was being cheated on, prompting Alissa to explain.

“I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl,” Alissa said.

What did Alissa Violet do before she was famous online?

The controversial content creator was born in Brunswick, Ohio, but left to pursue a career in modeling. Her dream was to become a model ever since seeing a Victoria’s Secret commercial as a child. After buying a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, Alissa Violet signed with Next Models. She started making content with Team 10 soon after.

How old is Alissa Violet?

Born in 1995, Alissa Violet is 25 years old as of 2022.

How tall is Alissa Violet?

Alissa Violet above average in height, measuring in at 5′ 9″ tall.

Alissa currently has 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Most of her content are vlogs about her life, including holiday celebrations and milestones in her life. She is also popular on Instagram, where she has 11.3 million followers. Between these accounts, it’s easy to see just how popular Alissa Violet has become online.


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