Who are the new Pokemon protagonists, Liko and Roy?

By Melany Moncada


Dec 18, 2022

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Pokemon confirmed that Ash and Pikachu will be saying goodbye to the audience in 2023. The duo will have a final 11-episode arc starting on January 13, 2023. After that, fans will meet two new protagonists, Liko and Roy. The announcement left fans wondering who are Liko and Roy?

So far, we know little about the new joint protagonists of the show. According to the announcement, they are starting a new adventure far away. Liko and Roy are shown with Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, the starters from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. From this, we can assume that the story will take place in Paldea.

Paldea is the newest region in the Pokemon universe. It is based on the Iberian Peninsula. Paldea is the only region that Ash hasn’t visited. It is a good starting point for the new characters that are set to explore a region that is completely new.

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It is unclear what will happen to Ash next. As the current Pokemon World Champion, the next natural step is for him to defend his title. The series could go on a different route and introduce a time jump with an adult Ash being some kind of role model for Liko and Roy.

When does the new Pokemon anime with Liko and Roy start?

Ash and Pikachu will return for 11 more episodes that will air in Japan starting on January 13. The English version could be airing in 2024. Pokemon tends to have at least a nine-month difference between the original and English releases.

The hiatus between seasons usually is two or three weeks. If Pokemon follows the same patterns in the upcoming storylines, viewers could expect the series starring Liko and Roy to premiere around the summer of 2023. It would mean a summer of 2024 premier in the United States.


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