Which Mageseeker edition should you buy?

By Nicholas James


Apr 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Mageseeker is the latest Riot Forge game, and there are a few options for purchase. Which Mageseeker edition should you buy?

There are three versions of the new Riot Forge game available for general purchase right now, the Standard Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition, and the Collector’s Edition. Each of these offers slightly different incentivizes and reasons to buy them. Here’s a full breakdown of what every one of them offers.

All the Mageseeker Editions

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is exactly what it sounds like. It comes with the base copy of the name and no additional content. It also doesn’t come with any physical rewards or other bonuses. If all you need is a regular copy of the game, The Mageseeker Standard Edition is for you.

Deluxe Edition

The Mageseeker Deluxe is a step up from the Standard Edition, including several pieces of paid DLC along the base game. The Mageseeker Deluxe version includes the Unchained Skins pack, the Hijacked Spells pack, the Home Sweet Save pack, and the Silverwing Supply Station pack. These vary from cosmetic skins to unique spells and a home base-decorating system for Sylas’ cave-based revolution.

Collector’s Edition

The Mageseeker Collector’s Edition is a physical retail-only product available directly from Riot Games. The edition includes the Standard Edition, a physical Sylas statue, copies of the Lux comic, the Artwork of the Mageseeker, a vinyl version of the game soundtrack, and a pin set.

Each of these has a distinct use for certain audiences. If you just want the base game, Standard’s where to go. If you want all of the content and know you’ll be dumping time into The Mageseeker, try out Digital Deluxe Edition. Finally, if you absolutely need a hardback Lux comic or Sylas statue, it might be worth looking at the Collector’s Edition of the game.


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