What consoles will Hogwarts legacy be on

Which consoles will Hogwarts Legacy come out on?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2022

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Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software’s first look inside the famed Hogwarts Castle has left fans with many questions. The game will surely have a massive release, but what consoles will Hogwarts Legacy come out on?

The long-anticipated teaser for Harry Potter RPG from Portkey Games is finally out in public after a 14-minute long state-of-play video. The trailer shows students carrying out their magical tasks, attending potion classes, and warding off evils outside Hogsmeade’s. The first look has pleased Potterheads worldwide, but fans still have many questions. Hogwarts Legacy will allow muggles to forge their magical legacies as wizards in the virtual world. But who will be able to play the game once it’s released? 

What consoles will Hogwarts legacy release on?

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Hogwarts Legacy will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC when it releases in 2022.

The game was initially announced for a 2021 release, but some internal hiccups have delayed the game to 2022. Its publisher later confirmed that it would be released for all major gaming platforms, but players have only seen a PlayStation 5 gameplay video thus far. The state of play video on PlayStation 5 was pretty helpful in gearing fans up to explore the wizarding world, but the game may look very different on previous generation consoles or on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s still unknown whether the game will be released for all platforms on the same release date. It’s possible that PlayStation 5 players will get to experience the new Harry Potter adventure first. The developer may roll out other versions later on, but it’s all speculation for now.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be on Nintendo Switch? 

Avalanche Software is also developing Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch, which is a pleasant surprise for Nintendo fans. Many big titles aren’t made available for Switch due to differences in hardware specifications, but that’s not the case for Hogwarts Legacy. Fans can enjoy the wizarding world on their portable gaming device as well. 

The trailer has introduced new characters and fresh lore, including goblins at its center. The dark forces in Hogwarts Legacy have made players wonder if they’d have any help in multiplayer from fellow fans of the Harry Potter series, but it looks like that won’t be the case. The publisher has clarified that Hogwarts Legacy won’t have multiplayer as it’s an offline game. Players will be on their own as they explore.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have micro-transactions?

Hogwarts Legacy does not have in-game purchases or micro-transactions. All of the game’s features should be available at launch and without the need for additional payments after players have purchased the game.

It’s possible that Hogwarts Legacy could receive DLC updates in the future, but this has not been confirmed.