Where to get Larval Tears in Elden Ring, the key to respeccing

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 25, 2022

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Elden Ring builds can spiral out of control, but Larval Tears give players a chance to start fresh.

Larval Tears are a crucial component of Elden Ring. While previous FromSoftware titles hid respeccing behind obscure mechanics, Elden Ring puts them right in front of the player after the second major boss. Laval Tears aren’t exactly common, but knowing where to find them can make trying out new builds a breeze.

Larval Tears are a collectible consumable found throughout the Lands Between. They are used for respeccing a build at Raya Lucaria by interacting with Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon. Their item description states that they are somewhat alive, equal parts material and animal. Larval Tears are the early stage of mimics, which can take other forms like warriors, giants, and even the player.

Where to get Larval Tears in Elden Ring

Larval Tears do not drop from normal enemies, meaning that there is a limited supply in a given game. 

The best place to look for Larval Tears in Elden Ring is the underground cities accessible after defeating General Radahn. Both Nokron and Nokstella contain several Larval Tears from boss fights and elite enemies. The sentient boulders drop them and the Mimic Tear boss fight gives two. Between both cities, it’s possible to collect eight of them.

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If you want to find a Larval Tear as quickly as possible, there’s actually one right near the start of the game. Fast travel to Lake Agheel South and head east up the ridge to find a lowly and helpless aristocrat. Give it a smack to discover that it’s actually a rune bear in disguise. It’s a difficult fight, but ranged attacks or status effects are an easy way to wear it down. Kill it and claim a Larval Tear just minutes after starting Elden Ring.


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