Where to buy the best CSGO skins and stickers in real-life

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 10, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a beautiful game, and many independent artists are skilled enough to bring it to life.

Aside from a handful of offerings on the official Valve store, CSGO fans have it rough if they’re looking to bring their favorite art and items into the real world. There just aren’t a whole lot of ways to express their love for the long-running tactical shooter. Indie artists have stepped in to provide amazing CSGO merchandise at an affordable price. Here are three great ways to express your love for CSGO, either with real-life skins, stickers, or art.

Elemental Knives makes a mean real-life CSGO knife skin

The most obvious pieces of independent CSGO merchandise are its iconic knives. Flexing a budget knife or a one-of-a-kind CSGO skin is fun, but Elemental Knives brings the swagger to real-life. An Austin, Texas-based company recreates CSGO knives with real steel and sharpened edges.

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While not quite as useful as a normal pocket knife, these blades are surprisingly affordable. The Bowie Knife | Fade pictured above sells for just $69, while many options start at around $45. The selection also includes a few custom designs like a Howl | Karambit and Hyper Beast | Shadow Daggers. Slap one in a display case for the perfect statement piece in any gaming setup.

IRL Katowice 2014s are perfect for sticker-bombing

If you’re more interested in applying some CSGO swag to things you already own, real-life CSGO stickers are the perfect solution. JustAmazingCute on Etsy produces incredible real-life CSGO stickers that look exactly like their in-game skin counterparts. 

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The most flashy option is definitely the recreations of Katowice 2014 team stickers, which sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in-game. A set of real-life Katowice 2014 team stickers costs just a few dozen dollars. The available choices range from team signature stickers to iconic in-game marques like the Howling Dawn and Foil Crowns.

Frame your favorite CSGO map as awesome art

If you prefer something more subtle to express your love of CSGO, this fantastic wall art from MingoArtLive is what you’re looking for. Their impressionist style turns CSGO maps into amazing oil paint masterpieces worthy of public display. All the most popular competitive maps like Cache and Dust 2 are present. They even have some less-popular maps such as Cache and Office.

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The posters from their shop are small, but that makes them perfectly suited for a collage. Grab a postcard frame and pick up your favorite ranked map rotation for an amazing tribute that won’t look out of place. Friends and family might find a rainbow butterfly knife strange, but nobody would ask twice about the beauty of the Inferno A site.


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