When is XDefiant Season 1?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

We are currently in XDefiant’s open season but there’s been a lot of talks about what’s to come in the faction-based shooter. When is Season 1 coming and what will be included?

What is XDefiant open season?

Right now, we are in XDefiant’s open season or preseason. This simply means that there are no official seasons yet since the game is brand new. Right now, gamers are just getting familiar with the factions, weapons, and maps.

Then, when developers are ready, Season 1 will drop with new content. Here is what we know about Season 1 so far.

When is XDefiant Season 1?

XDefiant’s open season is said to end on July 1, 2024. This gives us one more month of getting used to the game’s modes and playstyle. There is no official release date for Season 1 but most seasoned gamers assume it will start July 2 if we follow the release pattern of other FPS like CS2 and Call of Duty.

What is in XDefiant Season 1?

There is a reason that gamers are excited for the arrival of Season 1. XDefiant fans will be getting a whole lot of new content to make the game feel refreshed. This includes a new faction, three new weapons, and three new maps. Some factions have been leaked ahead of time but we aren’t sure what faction will be coming in Season 1. Right now, it’s under the codename Ruby.

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Will there be a XDefiant battle pass?

Yes, a battle pass has been confirmed for XDefiant Season 1. It will have 90 tiers to grind through, with each tier giving you rewards. We aren’t sure what the rewards are quite yet but most likely they’ll be cosmetics like skins and other in-game things to show off.

When is XDefiant ranked coming?

XDefiant currently has no ranked mode. This has left gamers wondering if Season 1 will bring the long awaited arrival of ranked play. Developers have not said anything yet, however, so we can’t know quite yet when ranked is arriving. Other new game modes are also coming, according to Ubisoft, but have not been confirmed for Season 1.