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When is Valorant agent 18 coming? All we know about Episode 4

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 24, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant agent protocol is about to get extended with a quick Sprinter. Here’s everything we know about Episode 4 and agent 18’s release date. 

Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 is nearing an end, which means Riot Games is preparing a whole new batch of content. Episode 4 would bring a fresh face into the agent roster, which will speed up the Valorant meta once again. 

Riot Games has rolled out 17 agents so far, including the Sniper specialist Chamber. He’s the newest recruit who’s still finding his footing in Valorant’s undersized category of Sentinels. The addition of Kay/O and Chamber heavily polished the gunplay that potent agents with mystical powers had overshadowed. However, it seems that the new agent will balance out the game with mobility and speed. 

When is the new Valorant agent coming out?

New Valorant agent would likely enter the game in the second week of January. 

We’re currently in the final act of Episode 3, which is set to wrap up around January 12. This means that Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 should kick start somewhere between 12-13 January. The brand new act will bring in agent 18, a new battle pass, and a skin bundle. 

Who’s the next Valorant agent? 

Agent 18 is likely a duelist who’ll bring a counter for Jett’s insane mobility. 

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The codename of the new agent was leaked long before Chamber was officially released. She’s dubbed “Sprinter” by Valorant data miners due to her ability to hop around the map. This power was later confirmed in another leaked image of her fancy footgear. A creepy video clip also slipped through the cracks in which the agent could be heard speaking Tagalog, saying that she’s “fast.” 

Filipino fans could work out the agent 18’s heritage with traditional decorations teased in a Night. Market poster. Agent voice lines added in the recent patch confirmed fans’ theories, hinting that Sprinter hails from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

More recordings in Brimstone’s secret office gave away that she’s not as friendly as Killjoy, Raze, and other jolly agents. Sprinter is a Radiant, a class that is known for being hostile. She plays a role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge and would require training to control her powers before she could enter the protocol.

So far, it’s established that agent 18 is a Filipino female who has movement tricks up her sleeve, all set to enter the duelist roster. 

What’s coming in Valorant Episode 4? 

Leakers have also found several clues that hint that Riot is also cooking up a new location for Episode 4. The new map will likely enter the pool in Episode 4 Act 2 after agent 18 has settled into the roster. 

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A new location was teased in one of the coded messages in the Fracture map. Valorant’s designers dropped a solid hint that the next Valorant map will be themed on a “city-wide geodome” in Fracture’s text machine. This aligns with a heavy focus on Brimstone in Champions’ promotional content. The controller agent was seen carrying a large globe on his shoulder, which eventually dissolved into fragments. Credible data miner Cynprel also added that map eight is expected to be in Lisbon, Portugal.