When is the Diretide battle pass end date in Dota 2?

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 16, 2022

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The Diretide battle pass is nearing its end and all those fancy new arcanas and persona will be going away with it.

The International 2022 and Diretide battle pass is one of the longest battle passes ever put into Dota 2 with a total length of over four months. It added four new top-tier cosmetics and dozens of new immortals and sets. However, time is running out to claim your exclusive cosmetics. Here’s when the Diretide battle pass ends and what will be going away once it ends.

The end date for the Diretide battle pass is January 12, 2023. Dota 2 players have until that date to earn and purchase levels. All of the exclusive cosmetics tied to the battle pass, including the Immortal Treasures and Collector’s Cache, will no longer be available to claim from the battle pass. Chests that have been claimed, but have yet to be opened, will still be available to open after January 12.

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Content that is exclusively tied to the battle pass, such as the new Faceless Void and Razor arcanas, will be permanently unavailable after the battle pass is over. However, players who are just a few levels shy can reach their desired threshold with a second battle pass bundle.

Diretide battle pass gets second bundle before end date

As part of the upcoming end of Diretide, Valve has released a second battle pass bundle with 120 levels and a ton of season-exclusive chests.

The Diretide battle pass bundle contains 120 levels as a one-time consumable along with the following exclusive chests for $30.

  • Nine Immortal Treasure 1
  • Six Immortal Treasure 2
  • Six Ageless Heirlooms
  • Six Battle Pass Collection

This is the second bundle available for this year’s combined The International and Diretide battle pass. The first one was released right before the tournament on October 12, 2022. The staggered release was a part of Valve’s new TI battle pass system, where the content switches to a different seasonal celebration after the conclusion of The International.

Players who purchased the first bundle can still purchase the second, which contains the exact same goods at the exact same price.


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