Valorant Night. Market return

When does the Valorant Night. Market return? Find out here

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Night. Market skins is set to return yet again. Players can get premium skins at a cut price for a limited time. 

Riot Games has rolled out tons of in-game cosmetics for players who can afford to spend some extra cash on virtual items. These pricey skins add value to your account and style to your Valorant highlight clips. Some may even feel a difference in their gameplay after equipping an extravagant Vandal skin. 

Night. Market is Riot’s way of making special weapons more accessible for all. The thrift store will bring six skins for this season’s sale at a sale price. 

When is Valorant Night. Market?

This act’s Night. Market skins will return on July 20. The magic tab will disappear on 2 June.

Players will be able to buy premium Valorant skins at as much as a 40% discount. From Prime to Magepunk collections, players can hope for any high-tier skin to appear on their lucky cards. Those who aren’t happy with Riot’s picks can still roll the slots, but it’ll cost money.

How to refresh Night. Market skins

Night. Market

The shop has a total of six cards that can’t be re-rolled unless you shop for something. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to refresh the Night. Market as all cards are random.

Skins are put on sale in the Night. Market, but players only get a few options that are selected at random. If you don’t like the guns on your first six slots, you can ask for more by shopping for an item from the chosen slot. The card will switch to a different weapon, expanding your options as you keep buying. If you can’t afford to flip the slots, wait for the next thrift store. The market appears every one and a half months, bringing a new assortment of sale-price Valorant weapon skins each time. 

What skins are in Night. Market? 

Night. Market skins are cheap, but they’re limited to a few tiers. The shop is a great way to find Select, Deluxe, or Premium skins. However, guns belonging to any of these three classes must be at least two acts old. 

While it is a sale, Night. Market isn’t an all-out clearance. Night. Market skins don’t include Exclusive and Ultra tiers in the slots due to their high rarity. Battle pass and agent contracts skins are also excluded from the thrift store lineup. Fortunately, the most desired Valorant skins belong to the Premium tier, and Riot ensures that there are at least two such cosmetics appear for all. Still, it’s an excellent opportunity to add some color to your inventory.