What’s the most expensive gloves and knife combo in CSGO?

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Flexing the most expensive gloves and knife combo possible in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an express ticket to getting spammed with malicious friend requests. It would also cost you a lot of money, and we can tell you exactly how much.

CSGO players are no strangers to expensive skins, but the absolute rarest still pack insane price tags. With both gloves and knives now in the gold slot, it’s possible to cook up a ton of different style combinations. So if a player had unlimited money, what combo would show off their wealth the best? These are the most expensive knife and gloves combos in CSGO according to the Steam Market and third-party trading websites.

The most expensive knife and gloves in CSGO

The first thing to do is to determine the most expensive golds in CSGO. Unfortunately, the nature of third-party trading makes it difficult to narrow down the exact price of the rarest items. For that reason, we’ll find the most expensive combo available on the Steam Market and out of all skins ever opened.

For Steam prices, the gloves would have to be a set of minimal wear Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard. Steam prices are notoriously volatile, but these are extremely desirable gloves currently go for $2,408. These gloves sometimes sell for cheaper in factory new, but it all depends on demand on the Steam Market.

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As for which knife would be the best choice, the highest current Steam Market price for a CSGO knife is listed for the Skeleton Knife | Fade. Only one is currently available on the market, but previous examples have sold for $1,973.

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Thanks to the 3D skin simulator at cs.money, we can see what the most expensive knife and gloves on the market would look like if put together. Despite costing $4,381, this combo doesn’t look particularly good. The black and white from the gloves clashes with the rainbow fade pattern. However, each individual part of the combo looks great when taken separately. 

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Now let’s try to find the most expensive knife and gloves combo outside of the Steam Market. This part includes speculation from CSGO skin experts, as some of the most valuable skins in the game haven’t been recently sold.

While its exact value is up to speculation, a unique factory new blue gem Case-Hardened Karambit is probably the most expensive knife in all of CSGO. The owner turned down a $1.5 million offer, which makes that its minimum current evaluation. The knife is currently in the possession of an extremely wealthy Chinese collector, and it may not be moving any time soon.

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As for gloves, this is a bit more complicated. Reports vary on the absolute most expensive gloves in CSGO, but certain collectors consider the Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box to be the very best. A factory new set of Pandora’s Box can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s difficult to pin down an exact price, but one pair was recently sold on a third-party trading website for $38,000.

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The price of the most expensive gloves and knife combo is almost entirely taken from the $1.5 million knife, but the Pandora’s Box gloves add depth to the blue gem with its crosshatch purple pattern. It doesn’t clash nearly as badly as the most expensive Steam Market combo of gloves and a knife, though it vastly eclipses it in price at approximately $1,538,000.

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Both combos prove that money just can’t buy taste in CSGO.


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