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This is the best Valorant stat tracker in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 1, 2022

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Stat trackers can help keep in the loop with the meta in Valorant, as well as tracking your personal performance and hours played. We can recommend a great Valorant stat tracker to read up on your gameplay. 

Valorant is still a relatively new first-person shooter that doesn’t provide in-depth statistics. In-game progress trackers are accurate, but they show very limited data. Players can get exact numbers from third-party Valorant stat tracker websites that are more helpful, even if their accuracy isn’t as complete as the official numbers from Riot Games.

How to get performance stats in Valorant is the best website players can use to follow their in-game progress, performance, and stats in Valorant. The third-party platform has in-depth numbers for all Valorant players around the world. 

There are currently very few trackers websites that offer accurate intel for individual Valorant accounts. is the top pick of dedicated Valorant players who want to regularly check their performance. The data here is thorough and is as accurate as a third-party platform could likely get. Here’s everything players can find out through this best Valorant stat tracker: 

  • K/D ratio 
  • Most used agent 
  • Least played agent 
  • Win and loss rate 
  • Headshot percentage 
  • Top weapons 
  • Hours played and more.

It’s beneficial for players to track their best and worst agents based on the maps played and make necessary changes with the collected data. For example, if your loss rate is high on Breeze using Sage, you may want to pick a different agent on that particular map.

Valorant provides stats for each game, but can help players understand their overall gameplay better. A tracker like this is crucial for dedicated Valorant players looking to improve. 

Observing your personal stats is not the only useful feature of The best part is that players can follow the performance, in-game habits, weapon usage, and best agents of professional players too. This can help to copy the playing habits of some of the best Valorant players in the world. All you have to do is enter their Valorant alias and peek at their profile. 

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Best agent and map tracker for Valorant 

Observing game meta and changing playstyle to suit it is crucial to maintain your rank. has the newest data on highly picked agents across different ELOs. 

Other websites have stats on most played agents, but few offer contrasting data based on ranks, maps, and different variants. Players can pick their preferred map, ELO, and act to track highly picked and least played agents in Valorant. Unlike other trackers, Valorbuff is a simple and user-friendly website that makes understanding the data easier.