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Whataburger x Fortnite collab featuring destroying restaurants, Whataguy NPC

By Olivia Richman


Jul 8, 2024

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Fast food chain Whataburger has teamed up with Fortnite to create a Bedwars map, Breakfast in Bedwars, going live today. Here is what we know about the Whataburger collaboration, including map details and an upcoming tournament with real prize money on the line.

Whataburger Breakfast in Bedwars map revealed

The Breakfast in Bedwars map has just launched and will be available to game on until July 15. Inspired by Bed Wars, the map has each team trying to destroy the opposing team’s Whataburger restaurant. The map also features Whataburger-themed items and locations, including a Breakfast Burger power-up and Spicy Ketchup speed boost consumables.

Another interesting addition the Breakfast in Bedwars map is the inclusion of Whataguy. This is the fast food chain’s mascot, who first appeared back in the 90s. he’s a superhero-inspired character that will appear as an NPC within Breakfast in Bedwars. If you find him, you’ll get a key to his vault full of weapons and upgrades, giving you an upperhand in the match.

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The map was created in partnership with efuse, erena, Click Media Group, and McGarrah Jessee. It was created with Fortnite’s Unreal Editor (UEFN) which allows for custom, immersive experiences and provides more integration than the usual advertising mediums.

“The Whataburger + Fortnite collaboration came together naturally for us,” said McGarrah Jessee creative director Michael Anderson. “First of all, Whataburger fans are like no other, and it turns out a lot of them are also gamers who love Fortnite. The McGarrah Jessee team knew early in the process that we wanted to give our fans a little extra, by authentically contributing to the gaming community, as opposed to just serving ads within beloved games.”

Whataburger social media manager Davis Alcorn and PR specialist Miranda Grubbs told GamesBeat that the game was also a way to immerse gamers into the world of Whataburger in an interactive way. This way fans could “explore with their friends” rather than just see ads on Twitch.

“Showing up authentically for our fans is always our goal, and getting to realize what Whataburger would be like in the Fortnite universe was a blast,” they said.


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