What will the Skarner VGU look like?

By Nicholas James


Feb 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The poll for League of Legends’ next rework is over and fans are getting a Skarner VGU.

What might the crystal scorpion’s Visual Gameplay Update end up leaning into, and what has Riot said about the upcoming update? Here’s everything we know about the Skarner VGU at the beginning of 2022.

What will the Skarner VGU change?

Riot Games talked about the changes they would make to the last living Brackern if he received the votes from fans when they announced the poll. In the post, Riot says that Skarner’s generic fantasy is from a bygone age of League of Legends.

Despite being reworked previously, Riot has never managed to successfully capture Skarner’s thematic in his gameplay. Riot is more focused on Skarner’s potential as a giant crystalline monster rather than any particular element of his current kit. Many Skarner fans were overjoyed at the potential.

The rework will likely push Skarner further towards being a monster, will a less anthropomorphized appearance in his face and possibly voice. The Brackern are an ancient, mystical race and a rework would likely bring a modern ‘Hextech’ look to some of Skarner’s magical abilities. The Hextech crystals that power items like Camille’s enhancements, Jayce’s hammer, Vi’s Gauntlets, and Ekko’s Zero Drive are the condensed essences of past Brackern.

Skarner’s appearance will likely be shifted further into the monstrous territory, with many fans lamenting the lack of non-humanoid creatures. Skarner is likely to massively change from what fans know him as now in time for the 2023 rework.

The only things likely to stay are his base thematic and his class as a bruiser or juggernaut. Either way, the revamp is likely to take him in a very different direction both visually and for most of his abilities. His Impale is his only truly iconic ability and seems the most likely to stand the test of time through the redesign process.


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